10 Interesting Honey Facts

Saturday, March 29th 2014. | Food

Honey facts explain the benefits of consuming honey. Honey is produced from the bees. The animals have great benefits to the life of human being.   Honey has been used the people for healing many diseases.  Honey is one of the beauty secrets of Cleopatra. It is good to make your skin soft and smooth. Find out more about honey below:

Honey Facts 1: Apis mellifera

Apis mellifera is the scientific name of Honey bees. The animals will never affect the environment because they are the important pollinators. Bees are considered as healthy animal.

Honey Facts 2: insect

The only insect in the world which can generate the food which can be consumed by human being is bees.

Honey Bees

Honey Bees

Honey Facts 3: honey

Let’s find out the substance of honey. You can get mineral, vitamins, water, enzymes, and pinocembrin. All of them can increase the health of your body.

Honey Facts 4: body of honey bee

Even though honey bee is a small creature, it has several body parts. Those are 2 compound eyes, 6 legs, 2 pairs of wings, a stomach 2 pairs of wings, and 3 simple eyes located on the peak of the head.

Honey Benefit

Honey Benefit

Honey Facts 5: receptors

The receptors that bees have are 170.  Mosquitoes and fruit flies only have 79 and 62 odorants receptors. There is no need to wonder if the honey bees can distinguish different kinds of flowers.

Honey Facts 6: a collections trip

In a collection trip, honey bees will be able to taste 50 to a hundred of different flowers.

Honey Facts

Honey Facts

Honey Facts 7: benefits of honey

There are many benefits of honey that you need to know. You can use it as a facial mask. When a woman wants to look young all of them time, she can put pure honey on the face as a mask. You can also consume it to make the body healthy all of the time.

Honey Facts 8: a colony of bees

If you look at the colony of bees, you can see one queen with 20,000 to 60,000 honey bees.

Honey Pic

Honey Pic

Honey Facts 9: worker bees

The ones which do all of the work in the colony are the female honey bees. They only live for 6 weeks.

Honey Facts 10: food and drink

Honey is considered as a popular ingredient. Honey can be suited to cook various kinds of food and drinks



The male honey bees in the colony do not have any work. What they do is mating all of the time. What do you think on facts about honey?

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