10 Interesting Bird Facts

Saturday, August 10th 2013. | Animals

Bird facts give you fun and interesting facts about one of the flying creatures in the world. There are many types of bird in the world. You can differentiate the bird based on the size, speed and weight. Birds have been evolved from time to time. We will talk about the modern species in the world. Here are the facts to consider:

Bird Facts 1: Warm Blooded Animal

Birds are included as warm blooded animal. Birds can be differentiated with other animals based on the feather and wings. They also lay eggs when mating.

Bird Facts 2: Species of Birds

The species of birds are around 1000. They can be found spreading around the world. If you want to know the water animal, look at giant squid facts.

Bird fact

Bird fact

Bird Facts 3: Ostrich

The largest bird in the world is taken by Ostrich.  The speed of running of an Ostrich is around 97 kilometer per hour. This large animal also has the largest egg of a bird in the world. If you want toknow the hunter in ocean, look at whale facts.

Bird Facts 4: Tetrapod Dinosaurs

Tetrapod dinosaurs are believed by many scientists to evolve into birds. The birds can master the sky because of the hollow bones. They help the birds to fly up to the sky.

Bird facts

Bird facts

Bird Facts 5: Smart Creatures

Not all of birds are smart. But some of them are totally smart and clever. You can see that species can use and create tools.

Bird Facts 6: Common Species of Birds

The most common species of birds that people can find spreading around the world is chicken. You can get them on the farmland and countryside area.

Bird flying

Bird flying

Bird Facts 7: Kiwis

One of the endangered species of birds is Kiwis. You can find them living around New Zealand. The eggs of kiwis are big enough. They can be measured in similar size with the body of kiwis. It is the only wingless bird located in New Zealand.

Bird Facts 8: Unique Creature

One of the unique birds in the world is Hummingbird. This animal species can fly backwards.



Bird Facts 9: Bee Hummingbird

The smallest bird living in the world is the bee hummingbird. It only has the length around 2 inches or 5 cm.

Bird Facts10: Feathers

There are several functions of feather. It can be used for insulation, flight, signaling, camouflage and display. The animals are seen to eat many types of food such as seeds, plants, fruit, small animal, and many more.



Birds can be found in every continent in the world. The animals use calls and songs to communicate with other birds in the world. If you look at the pigeons, they can reach the speed up to 100 miles per hour. If you look at woodpecker, you will know that it can peck 20 times in each second. Do you have any more information on facts about birds?

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