10 Interesting Cockatoo Facts

Thursday, December 12th 2013. | Animals

Cockatoo facts become the major interest for people. Any pet owners may always consider in how to make this bird as pet. Before it, you can consider to read facts about the bird first. So, what are they?

Cockatoo Facts 1: affectionate bird

Cockatoo is a type of bird which is very affectionate. If you properly tame the bird, you can gain great bond with it. The owners should hand fed the bird for maximum result. This bird loves to get around with the owners. If it is not, the bird can easily gain depression.

Cockatoo Facts 2: prone to overweight

Cockatoo is prone to overweight. It can become obesity easily. If you don’t monitor and maintain the diet, the cockatoo can gain weight fast. Good diets for the bird are nuts and also breads. You can conduct review first to find proper diet options for your bird.

Cockatoo facts

Cockatoo facts

Cockatoo Facts 3: the beaks

Cockatoo is not only unique because of its feather crests. The other is the beaks. Their lower jaw has the shape of “U”. People usually call it as three-way bite. It makes the bird gaining more power to bite the food.

Cockatoo Facts 4: rarest cockatoo

There is the rarest and most beautiful cockatoo. It is called Black Palm Cockatoo. The bird has big body. It can grow up to 24 inches. The lifespan is impressive as well. It is about 60 years. The color of the plumage actually is dark gray.

Cockatoo in pink

Cockatoo in pink

Cockatoo Facts 5: very loud bird

Parrots bird can scream. If it is about cockatoo, it can be louder. They have great voices. The bird is not suitable for those who live in apartment. The voice can be heard a mile away. You can put the bird in the garden or other big space area.

Cockatoo Facts 6: species

You can find more than 20 species of cockatoo bird out there. The family is called Cacatuidae. The origin name is from Malay language “kakaktua”.

Cockatoo on branch

Cockatoo on branch

Cockatoo Facts 7: smart bird

Cockatoo is well known for its intelligence. They can grasp some words provided by the owners. They often gather with others in nature. Therefore we can see them in flock.

Cockatoo Facts 8:  umbrella cockatoo

There is certain species called umbrella cockatoo. It has unique crest on the head. The crest resembles umbrella. The bird is very advanced at rote learning.

Salmon Cockatoo

Salmon Cockatoo

Cockatoo Facts 9: Mollucan cockatoo

Mollucan cockatoo is the smartest species in mimicking voices. Yet, this bird is very aggressive compared to others.

Cockatoo Facts 10: sulfur cockatoo

There is another famous species of cockatoo. It is sulfur cockatoo. People also call it as yellow crested cockatoo.

Sulphur Cockatoo

Sulphur Cockatoo

Those facts about Cockatoo can be the inspiration to make the bird to become your pet. You can also be triggered in how to gain more information about this bird.

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