10 Interesting Coconut Facts

Thursday, December 12th 2013. | Food

Coconut facts perhaps are underestimated for some people. They consider it as not important. Yet, if you read any facts about it, you can gain fun by understanding the information. Therefore, I want to provide some important facts below.

Coconut Facts 1: human blood plasma substitution

Coconut has many benefits for human health especially if it is eaten. Perhaps people may wonder about in how coconut can provide them with substitution of human blood plasma. Coconut in many countries also becomes the treatment of severe dehydrated patient.

Coconut Facts 2: gas mask carbon

It is well known that coconut has the benefit especially to become the part of carbon gas mask. The carbon is made by burning the coconut husks. People notice that it has better quality and more superior in filtering any poisonous gas substances. Even such mask is used in the case of Fukushima nuclear cleaning.

Coconut facts

Coconut facts

Coconut Facts 3: coconut palm harvesting

In fact, any palm trees is very dangerous for any human to climb. It is so much risky to get the coconut while climbing the tree. In this case, many farmers conduct effort by training monkeys to harvest the coconut. Although the training requires much time, it is worth the result actually.

Coconut Facts 4: coconut palace

Coconut is not only useful for health benefits. It is also used as the material of building. There is Coconut Palace in Philippines. The palace looks so much unique. Mostly of material used to build the palace is made from coconut.

coconut water splash

coconut water splash

Coconut Facts 5: coconut art

Coconut also becomes the object of art. Many artists have taken benefits from it. Commonly, coconut is used as sculptures medium. Yet, the artist should have good level for both skill of crafting and also detail. The coconut shell is good canvas even for festive paintings.

Coconut Facts 6: fuel

People use coconut as healthy nutrition for the body. Yet, coconut is also useful for fuel. In fact, coconut has become alternative fuel of biodiesel. The role of coconut as a fuel can be varied whether additive, direct substitute, or even a base substance.

Coconut water

Coconut water

Coconut Facts 7: coconut and civilization

Coconut has many roles in human civilization. There are many scientists who have discovered the functional trade and migration of coconut. It is easy to understand the migration of civilization by examining the genetic ancestry of coconut.

Coconut Facts 8:  vodka?

Coconut drink is common among people. Yet, there is unique drink such as coconut vodka especially in Philippines.



Coconut Facts 9: coconut armor

Many craftsmen of Micronesian Kiribati archipelago may use coconut to become the material of much armor.

Coconut Facts 10: coconut and music

Coconut has become the major inspiration for pop music. There are many songs written by the inspiration of the fruit.



So, what do you think of the facts about Coconut above? It must be very interesting for any of you right? More facts you can review from different sources.

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