10 Interesting Fast Food Facts

Tuesday, January 21st 2014. | Food

Fast Food facts are beneficial to notice more about the facts related to such modern food. You eat it a lot. Yet I believe you have no further information about it. Therefore, just read more below if you wonder about those facts.

Fast Food Facts 1: french fries

One of most favorite fast food is the French fries. In fact, it is the most popular food within United States. The data shows that the sales of french fries has surpassed the sale of potatoes within the year 1970.

Fast Food Facts 2: Taco Bell’s salad

There is famous fast food such as Taco Bell’s salad. It is bad for your health because it has about 52 grams of fats. This amount of fat is 5 times more than regular tacos. The name salad doesn’t suggest any better health consumption.

fast food facts

fast food facts

Fast Food Facts 3: Mcdonald’s visit

Each month, it is about 90% of people in America visit McDonald. Therefore, perhaps it is the basic reason why people in United States suffer from obesity. Fast food is not bad. What you need to avoid is the over consumption.

Fast Food Facts 4: fast food restaurants

In United States, you can find about 300,000 fast food restaurants. It is the same amount of residential buildings within San Francisco.



Fast Food Facts 5: McDonald’ Toys

McDonald indeed distributes toys for customers. The amount of toys distributed is more than toys produced by Toys-R-Us.

Fast Food Facts 6: fountain dispensers

It will be bad if you trust fast food restaurants nowadays. There is information that studies has revealed about 48% of any fountain dispensers within the restaurants have fecal bacteria within it. This contamination will be bad for you.



Fast Food Facts 7: unhealthiest fast food

Do you wonder about unhealthiest fast food? It is the burger named Carl’s Jr.’s Double six. The amount of calories is 1520. It also has 111 grams of fat. The amount of sodium is 2760.

Fast Food Facts 8:  Hong Kong

It is true that about 61% of Hong Kong Population claim they may visit fast food restaurants which at least once a week. The amount is more than any of common nation.

Fat Kid

Fat Kid

Fast Food Facts 9: PepsiCo and Coca-Cola

The two big cola company which is Coca-Cola and PepsiCo are sold globally. Yet, they are not distributed in North Korea.

Fast Food Facts 10: McDonald’s purchase

McDonald is the biggest purchaser of commodities such as potatoes, pork, and also beef. It is also the 2nd largest purchaser of chicken.


fast food

fast food

After reading facts about Fast Food, do you still want to eat such kind of food? I believe you don’t. Yet, there are indeed people who also still want to eat it actually.

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