10 Interesting Pear Facts

Thursday, October 2nd 2014. | Food

Get more ideas on Pear Facts by reading the following post below. Pear is one of the most popular fruits in the world. If you go shopping on the supermarket, you can find out a lot of pears on the fruit stall. Do you know that China is called as the largest producer of pear?  In one year, the country can generate 15,000,000 tones of pears. Here are the complete facts about pear for you:

Pear Facts 1: The summer season

Pear is high in demand when the summer season comes. People like to consume pear for it can avoid them from dehydration in the summer season. Your body is fresh by eating a pear.

Pear Facts 2: color of pear

Many people think that a pear is only available in yellow color. Actually it comes in various colors of red, green and brown.

Pear Colors

Pear Colors

Pear Facts 3: energy

If you always feel tired in the morning before you do the job at office, you need to include pear as one of the menu. This fruit contains 42 kcal of energy.

Pear Facts 4: nutrition

There are various kinds of nutrition that you can get from pear. Those include phosphorus, sodium, copper, dietary fiber, vitamin B12, vitamin C, vitamin B, calcium, iron, magnesium,  and vitamin B6.

Pear Facts

Pear Facts

Pear Facts 5: pectin

Pectin is not only available in apple. You can find more pectin inside a pear. This substance is very important for the people to secure the intestines and reduce the bad cholesterol level. Check apple facts here.

Pear Facts 6: infants

You can give a pear to infants because it contains high nutritional value. Infants can eat it regularly.

Pear Red

Pear Red

Pear Facts 7: preventing the serious disease

The serious disease such as heart stroke and high blood pressure can be avoided if you like eating pear. This fruit contains vitamin E and vitamin C which also serve the anti oxidants.

Pear Facts 8: the free radicals

You can prevent the free radical affected the body and damage the cell if you eat a pear. This fruit contains copper which serve as the antioxidant. It can protect each cell inside the body.



Pear Facts 9: pear juice

Do you like drinking pear juice? This drink is good to regulate the body. To avoid the reduction of nutrition, you need to use little sugar to mix with the pear juice.

Pear Facts 10: fever

A juice of pear can be used to reduce the fever.  You can also drink it when you want to go for a diet.



The fiber inside the pear can keep the stomach full. You can lower the body weight if you like eating pear. Are you impressed with facts about pear?

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