10 Interesting Noodle Facts

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Noodle Facts give the interesting ideas about the main food in Asian countries such as Korea, China and Japan. Noodle is a delicious food. Today it is considered as an instant food that you can cook in 5 minutes. If you are interested to know the history, types and taste of noodles, check the following post below:

Noodle Facts 1: the first creation of Noodle

There is no exact report about the first creation of Noodle in the world. There are many people debating on the subject. Some people believe that noodles were first created in Mediterranean region. But others believe that Middle East was the home of the first technology to create noodle.

Noodle Facts 2: the world oldest noodle

The oldest noodle in the world is seen in China. The written record about noodles was created around AD 25 to AD 200 in East Han Dynasty in China. The noodle had the age of 4000 years old. Based on such report, it is can be stated that China is one of the first countries to produce the oldest noodle in the world.

Noodle Facts

Noodle Facts

Noodle Facts 3: Noodle or pasta

Many people believe that noodle and pasta are similar. If you see that noodle is a kind of Italian invention, you are wrong. Many historians believe that Marco Polo affected the native Italian cuisine after he returned from China to Italy bringing noodles with him. You should know that noodle become one of the Italian foods around 17th to 18th century. Get Marco Polo facts here.

Noodle Facts 4: the ancient Chinese noodle

Can you tell me the main ingredient in ancient Chinese Noodle? It was made from millet grass grain. The Asian countries enjoyed the modern wheat based noodle in 100 AD.

Noodle Image

Noodle Image

Noodle Facts 5: the spread of noodle

Noodle becomes the most popular food in China, Japan, Vietnam, Laos, Korea and Japan. Soon it spread to other Southeast Asian countries.

Noodle Facts 6: the meaning of Noodle in Chinese culture

Noodle is not only food. It also has a meaning in the culture. The Chinese people consider noodle as a symbol of long life. It is the symbol of longevity in the Chinese New year and birthday. You can serve birthday noodle as an alternative for birthday cake.

Noodle Pic

Noodle Pic

Noodle Facts 7: Noodle in Japan

Noodle is an important food in Japan after World War II. The only available food item on the stores after the World War II was dried food like noodles. The people in Japan had to experience the shortage of food due to the lost in WW II.

Noodle Facts 8: types of noodles

Noodles have many types. You can pick the one in round, flat, thin, or thick texture. It can be made from rice or wheat.



Noodle Facts 9: La Mian Noodles

La Mian Noodles are considered one of the oldest types of noodle in China.  The process to make this noodle is not easy for it is handmade.

Noodle Facts 10: Ramen Noodles

Ramen Noodles are very popular in Japan. Many people believe that the ramen noodle was derived from the Chinese la mian noodle.



If you want to enjoy the delicious hot broth based soup, you have to taste udon noodle. This noodle is made from thick Japanese wheat. Are you fascinated with facts about noodle?

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