10 Interesting Olaudah Equiano Facts

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Check the interesting information about a notable African in London on Olaudah Equiano Facts. At that time, there was a British movement which wanted to end the slave trade. Equiano supported the movement. This freed slave was recognized as Gustavus Vassa. He was born circa 1745 and died on 31st March 1797. He rose to prominence due this publication of autobiography in 1789. It played an important role for the establishment of passage of the Slave Trade Act 1807. The act marked the end of the slave trade between Britain and its colonies. Here are other interesting facts about Olaudah Equiano:

Olaudah Equiano Facts 1: the origin of Olaudah Equiano

The people have been in extensive debate related to the origin of Olaudah Equiano since the end of twentieth century.

Olaudah Equiano Facts 2: the last master of Olaudah Equiano

Robert King was considered as the last master of Olaudah Equiano. King was an American Quaker merchant. In 1766, Equiano bought his freedom from King.

olaudah equiano pic

olaudah equiano pic

Olaudah Equiano Facts 3: living in England

In 1767, Equiano relocated to England. He worked as an explorer, seafarer and merchant in the following 20 years by traveling to other places like South America, United Kingdom, Central America, American Colonies, the Arctic and Caribbean.

Olaudah Equiano Facts 4: Sons of Africa

Equiano was a member of an abolitionist group called the Sons of Africa. The members of this group were the notable Africans who settled in Britain. During his lifetime, Equiano was called Gustavus Vassa. Equiano was very active and vocal during the anti-slave trade movement in Britain in 1780s.

olaudah equiano pictures

olaudah equiano pictures

Olaudah Equiano Facts 5: the autobiography

The title of the autobiography of Equiano which received a lot of attention from the people published in 1789 was The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano. The book described the horror of slavery.

Olaudah Equiano Facts 6: the abolishment of African slave trade

The African slave trade in Britain was abolished due to the British Slave Trade Act of 1807 contributed by the nine editions of Equiano’s autobiography. Look at facts about slavery here.

olaudah equiano facts

olaudah equiano facts

Olaudah Equiano Facts 7: the modern African literature

The beginning of the modern African literature was marked by the presence of autobiography of Equiano.

Olaudah Equiano Facts 8: the life of Equiano as a free man

Equiano ended up in a stressful life when he was a free man. Before Equiano found peace in his faith, he was suicidal.

olaudah equiano picture

olaudah equiano picture

Olaudah Equiano Facts 9: marriage

His wife was Susannah Cullen. She was an English woman. Both married in 1792. The couple was blessed with two daughters.

Olaudah Equiano Facts 10: death

The gravesite of Equiano is not known. He passed away in London in 1797.  Check facts about slavery in America here.

olaudah equiano books

olaudah equiano books

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