10 Interesting John Cage Facts

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John Cage facts present the information about the famous American artist, music theorist and composer.  Most musicians who like his works are fascinated with his 4’33?. This work presents the silence for 4 minutes and 33 second for John Cage to sit still. Let’s find out more about him in the following post below:

John Cage Facts 1: 4’33?

Do you know the meaning of 4’33?? You are wrong if you think that 4’33? is just a silence. John Cage had it as a part of his work for he wants the spectators to feel the sound of the surrounding environment. Look at Mozart facts if you want to know the prominent musician.

John Cage Facts 2: Pomona College

At first, John Cage was enrolled to Pomona College. However, he was dropped from the institution. He stated that the college was not run correctly. Even though John Cage is famous as musician, He had studied different kinds of arts such as architecture, painting and music when he was in Europe for 18 months. His parents wanted him to stay longer in Europe so that he could explore more about the art there.

John Cage Composer

John Cage Composer

John Cage Facts 3: Arnold Schoenberg

Arnold Schoenberg was the notable Austrian composer and painter.  John Cage was very lucky because he could study under his guidance without having to play any fee.

John Cage Facts 4: convincing

Arnold Schoenberg was a prominent artist. To study under his wing, people had to play a large sum of money. He accepted John Cage for free because he promised to devote his life for music.

John Cage Facts

John Cage Facts

John Cage Facts 5: prepared piano

Prepared piano is one of the unique musical instruments. Probably you are not familiar with the term. Prepared piano is always associated with the object in the piano with has hammers or strings. One of the pioneers of prepared piano was John cage.

John Cage Facts 6: new composition

John Cage had limited time to compose a new work when he was very famous. He had to gear up for his new tours.

John Cage Image

John Cage Image

John Cage Facts 7: Music of Changes

One of his prominent works can be seen in Music of Changes. Music of Changes is his large work incorporated with I Ching. I Ching is the Chinese book of change which contains the chart of hexagram.

John Cage Facts 8: the first completed pieces

The first completed pieces of his work were lost.  He stated that his first work which is too mathematically composed. So it was lack of appeal and power.

John Cage Pic

John Cage Pic

John Cage Facts 9: electronic music

Electronic music was influenced much by the development of the prepared piano pioneered by John Cage. It means that John Cage also contributed a lot of the development of electronic music.

John Cage Facts 10: mycologist

It is a surprising fact to know that John Cage was an amateur mycologist. He liked to study fungi when he and his friends established the New York Mycological society.

John Cage

John Cage

When he passed away, his body was cremated. His ashes scattered in the Ramapo Mountains where the ashes of his parents were also scattered there. Are you fascinated with facts about John Cage?

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