10 Interesting John Donne Facts

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One of the important men in the Church of England is explained in John Donne facts. John Donne was famous as an English lawyer, satirist, poet and cleric. Even though he was famous, he lived in poor condition.  Let’s find out his literary works and personal life by reading the post below:

John Donne Facts 1: metaphysical poets

One of the English metaphysical poets is John Donne. Most of his works are associated with sensual and strong style. His literary works include the love poems, sonnets, Latin translation, songs, elegies, epigrams, sermons, and satires.

John Donne Facts 2: Elizabethan poetry

If you read some works of John Donne, you find out that most works of his were against the traditional Elizabethan poetry. Read John Bunyan facts for another figure of poetry.

John Donne Clothes

John Donne Clothes

John Donne Facts 3: a true religion

One of his favorite themes when he created poetry was the idea of a true religion. However, you can also find out some secular poems. He picked the love and erotic themes in the secular poems.

John Donne Facts 4: poverty

If you think that John Donne was rich, you are wrong. He had to struggle hard for fight against poverty. He supported his life from the help of his rich friends for several years. The money that he inherited in the past was used to travel, literature, womanizing and pastimes.

John Donne Facts

John Donne Facts

John Donne Facts 5: Anne More

He had a secret marriage with Anne More in 1601.  He was the father of 12 children.

John Donne Facts 6: an Anglican priest

Actually John Donne did not want to be an Anglican priest in 1615. He was forced by King James I to take the Anglican order as the priest in the church.

John Donne Image

John Donne Image

John Donne Facts 7: as the Dean

John Donne was selected as the Dean of St Paul’s Cathedral in London in 1621.  In 1601 and 1614, he was the member of the parliament. It seems that John Donne had to end up in different role after being a priest.

John Donne Facts 8: family

Let’s find out the family background of John Donne. He came from the Roman Catholic family. When he was born, the practice of religion in England was considered as an illegal act.

John Donne Pic

John Donne Pic

John Donne Facts 9: father

John Donne’s father had the similar name with him, John Donne.  He worked as a warden in the Ironmonger Company in London. He was respected in the society because of his Roman Catholic belief.

John Donne Facts 10: death of his father

In 1576, his father passed away. At that time, John Donne was only 4 years old. His mother Elizabeth Heywood had to support the children alone.

John Donne

John Donne

During the childhood, he was educated privately.  Then she studied at Hart Hall in 1583 when he was 11 years old. Then he continued the study in University of Cambridge. Do you have any question on facts about John Donne?

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