10 Interesting James II Facts

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James II facts can be your basic in how to gain better info related to this famous woman in India. There are many things that you don’t really know about this woman actually. The information below can be your basic to understand about her.

James II Facts 1: birth

James II actually was the surviving son of Charles I and also Henrietta Maria of France. He was born at St. James’ Palace. The place of birth was in London on 14 October 1633.

James II Facts 2: Order of the Garter

James II actually was invested with the Order of the Garter. It was in 1642 actually. He created the Duke of York. It was on 22 January 1644. When there was English Civil War, James II stayed in Oxford actually to be the Royalist stronghold.

James II

James II

James II Facts 3: refuge in France

Like his brother, James also sought refuge in France actually to serve in the French army. It was under Turenne and also against the Fronde. It was later against their Spanish allies.

James II Facts 4: peace

It was in 1659 when the French and also Spanish made peace. Yet, James was so doubtful of his brother’s chances in regaining the throne. It was considered taking Spanish offer to be an admiral for the navy.

James II Facts

James II Facts

James II Facts 5: Lord High Admiral

It was after the Restoration when James II was confirmed as the Lord High Admiral. It was an office carried with the subsidiary appointments of the Portsmouth Governor. It was also for Lord Warden of the Cingue Ports.

James II Facts 6: granted American territory

It was in 1664 when Charles granted American territory between the Delaware and also Connecticut Rivers to James. It was also by the capturing of English.

James II Image

James II Image

James II Facts 7: Catholicism

When he was in France, he was recognized to be involved in Catholicism. It was around 1668 when he took Eucharist within the Roman Catholic Church. The conversion was kept secret.

James II Facts 8:  Lord High Admiral

James actually refused performing either action. He later relinquishes the post of the Lord High Admiral. The conversion to Catholicism was made public thereby.

James II Pic

James II Pic

James II Facts 9: Mary

He consented to his daughter Mary’s marriage to the Protestant William of Orange. It was in the year 1677.

James II Facts 10: Declaration of Indulgence

It was in April 1688 when he re-issued the Declaration of Indulgence. It was for the ordering of Anglican clergymen in reading it within the churches.

James II Style

James II Style

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