10 Interesting Charles 1 Facts

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Charles 1 facts are important to boost our knowledge. He was a king of England and many people are interested in learning about him. Therefore, the facts below can become good enlightenment for any of you. Just read further below to gain better information.

Charles 1 Facts 1: appearance

Charles 1 is considered to be short person. His height was measured at the number of 5’-4” tall. Among any other people, he is shorter than others. The color of his hair is brownish red or chestnut colored. You can imagine his appearance by looking at his painting.

Charles 1 Facts 2: the painting

In his painting, he wore an earring. The earring is located on his left ear. The material used for the earring is pearl. If you review more, there was a painting of young Charles 1 wearing an earring as well. He was about the age of 10.

Charles 1 fact

Charles 1 fact

Charles 1 Facts 3: mustache

Charles 1 also grew mustache which became his unique characteristic. He also had pointed beard in the age of mid 20s. The beard remained until he died. His appearance was very recognizable. In fact, he refused to be shaved.

Charles 1 Facts 4: order of the Garter

There was always order of the Garter or medal of the St. George worn on any paintings. It was like a slash. This accessory was clearly shown on certain picture created by Daniel Mytens.

Charles 1 facts

Charles 1 facts

Charles 1 Facts 5: loafers

There was a famous act of Charles 1 as a king. He got rid any loafers out there. The purpose was to clean out Whitehall palace. He did not like people who could not behave.

Charles 1 Facts 6: court life

Charles 1 was a regulated person. He really considered about the welfare about the court life. In his reign, he had made many rules and regulations. He wanted people to be able to behave properly. The basic rule for people was to bend the knee when serving him.

Charles 1 Pic

Charles 1 Pic

Charles 1 Facts 7: the servants

Although Charles 1 seems rough, he treated his servants in good manners. Charles 1 really paid attention about the welfare of them. Even he loved to do things on their behalf.

Charles 1 Facts 8:  matchmaker

He was famous as matchmaker as well. He had many people to be matched to others. It means he matched certain person to other to be married.

Charles 1

Charles 1

Charles 1Facts 9: homosexual issue

Charles 1 suffered from homosexual issue with Duck of Buckingham. Yet, there was no confidence about it.

Charles 1 Facts 10: bad with women

He is said to be bad with women. It means he could not get along well with any woman easily.

Henrietta Maria and Charles 1

Henrietta Maria and Charles 1

For those who want to learn about English history, facts about Charles 1 are very useful to read. So, what do you think about it?

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