10 Interesting Jonathan Ive Facts

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Jonathan Ive facts present the information about the Apple’s design chief. This man is famous around the world after Apple becomes one of the most prestigious electronic companies. The senior vice president must be proud after he was knighted by the queen in Buckingham Palace. Read the little known facts about Jonathan Ive in the following post below:

Jonathan Ive Facts 1: father

Jonathan Ive was the son of Mike Ive.  He worked as a silversmith. His responsibility is also to design the school curriculum in United Kingdom.

Jonathan Ive Facts 2: a young student

When Jonathan Ive was only a young student, he was very creative. His design included the clock and mobile phone. When he was a school student, he often designed detail and slim mobile phones.

Jonathan Ive Apple

Jonathan Ive Apple

Jonathan Ive Facts 3: the first project

After he was graduated from college, he worked as a designer. His first job was to design a toilet. It was in 1989 that he joined the startup tangerine. His project failed because the design of his sink, bidet and toilet was too expensive to produce by the clients.

Jonathan Ive Facts 4: Jon Rubinstein

Actually Jonathan Ive almost gave up Apple. However, he was give a pep talk and a raise by Jon Rubinstein, his new boss, to stick in the company. Read Apple Inc facts here.

Jonathan Ive Designer

Jonathan Ive Designer

Jonathan Ive Facts 5: white products

You can see that some Apple products such as mobile phones, iPads and laptops come in white color. Actually Jobs did not like the color and wanted to use moon gray. However, Ive wanted to use white color of the products.

Jonathan Ive Facts 6: techno music

Techno music is the genre of music that Jonathan Ive likes to listen and play. If you visit the top secret design studio of Apple, you can find that this place is very chaotic with people playing soccer, music and skateboarding.

Jonathan Ive facts

Jonathan Ive facts

Jonathan Ive Facts 7: a private office

The only man in Apple who had a private office in the design studio was Jonathan Ive. The office room is often called as a glass cube. If you see his office, you can find no picture of his family. It is only filled with a lamp, chair and desk.  Not all people can go inside his office.

Jonathan Ive Facts 8: top secret

The design studio of Apple is a top secret place. Since Jonathan Ive is married and has children, he needs to maintain the confidential projects from his family. His children and wife are not allowed to know what he deals with in the office.

Jonathan Ive Pic

Jonathan Ive Pic

Jonathan Ive Facts 9: Steve Jobs

It seems that Steve Jobs really trusts Jonathan Ive. When he went under the knife for his pancreatic tumor in 2004, he wanted to see two persons. Both were Jobs’ wife, Laurene and Jonathan Ive.

Jonathan Ive Facts 10: CEO of Apple

You are wrong if you think that Jonathan Ive is ambitious to become the CEO of apple. He does not really care to run a company.

Jonathan Ive

Jonathan Ive

Jonathan is a dyslexic person. With his great score, he could go to Cambridge or even Oxford. Bu he decided to be enrolled at Newcastle Polytechnic. He thought that it is one of the best places to study design. Are you interested reading facts about Jonathan Ive?

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