10 Interesting Nefertiti Facts

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If you are always interested to learn about the ancient Egyptians, you should read Nefertiti Facts. Nefertiti is a queen of Egypt. She is very beautiful and charming. You can find the aspects of her daily life by reading the following post in details.

Nefertiti Facts 1: the meaning of Nefertiti

Can you tell me the meaning of Nefertiti’s name? It is ‘the beautiful one has come’. Until this present day, many people always call her as one of the most beautiful queens in Ancient Egypt.

Nefertiti Facts 2: the early life

The Egyptian accounts state that Nefertiti was the daughter of Ay.   Her family lived in Akhmin city. In her early age, she got high quality education since his family was wealthy and noble.

Nefertiti Egypt

Nefertiti Egypt

Nefertiti Facts 3: Akhenaten

Nefertiti’s name was changed into Akhenaten after she married the son of Pharaoh Amenhotep III, Amenhotep. Her husband was the king of Egypt in 1315 BC. He held the throne of Egypt for 17 years until 1334 BC.

Nefertiti Facts 4: the influence of foreign ideas

The influence of foreign ideas was accepted by his husband. As a king of Egypt, he welcomed a completely new religion in Egypt supported by Nefertiti. It marked the religious revolution in the royal court.

Nefertiti Facts

Nefertiti Facts

Nefertiti Facts 5: polytheistic religion

The ancient people of Egypt embraced the polytheistic religion. It means that the people worship a lot of gods. The main gods that people worship depend on the power of the ruler or priests. The change of gods can mean war, defeat or even victory in Egypt. Check ancient Egypt facts here.

Nefertiti Facts 6: monotheism

Nefertiti has different belief about the god. She chose a religion based on monotheism. It means she only worshipped one god. She called it Aten.

Nefertiti Image

Nefertiti Image

Nefertiti Facts 7: Amarna

Amarna was the new city that the king and queen built to move the people of Thebes from the old city. They wanted the people to leave the old gods. The new city was the best place for alienating the powerful priest of Amun and the Egyptian people. They will never be able to worship the god without the temples.

Nefertiti Facts 8: the sole god Aten

Aten was called as the sole God that the king and Nefertiti worshipped.  The city of Amarna was built to honor the god. The queen and king also changed their name to follow the God Aten. Amenhotep changed his name into Akhenaten, while Nefertiti changed her name into Neferneferu-Aten. It means “Exquisite Beauty of the Sun Disk”.

Nefertiti Pictures

Nefertiti Pictures

Nefertiti Facts 9: daughters

Nefertiti did not give the king any sons. Both had six daughters. Those were Setepenre, Neferneferure, Neferneferuaten, Ankhenspaaten, Meketaten and Meritaten.

Nefertiti Facts 10: power

The power of Nefertiti was big when she became the queen. She got the status as the co ruler in Egypt. But it came to an end after a son, Tutankhamun was born from the other wives of the king.



The king of Egypt can practice polygamy. It means that he had more than one wife. His son was Tutankhamun. Nefertiti arranged the marriage of Tutankhamun with one of her daughters Ankhenspaaten. What do you think on facts about Nefertiti?

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