10 Interesting Octopus Facts

Sunday, June 16th 2013. | Animals

Are you interested to read octopus facts? The facts tell you more on how intelligent this animal. It is included in invertebrates. Many scientific studies have been conducted to research on these animals. Many of them prove that octopus is a sentient and intelligent creature. Here are some facts to understand:

Octopus Facts 1: Active Predator

You need to be careful with this active predator. They are a good learner who can understand and remember the environment to beat their prey. They just have to observe when coming to a new environment and situation.

Octopus Facts 2: Solving Problem

Compared to other animals, octopus is totally fascinating and intelligent. They can solve problem well.  They can release the prey from a container by unscrewing the lid or removing the plug. They can use rock to hide from any predators. Another marine animal to learn is explained in jellyfish facts.

Octopus Facts

Octopus Facts

Octopus Facts 3: Venomous Animal

Octopus can kill human and mammals being easily for this animal is venomous. The venom will be released from their head to the prey. you can read mammal facts to get the detail info.

Octopus Facts 4: Female Octopus

Female octopus seems so fertile for it can lay up to 100 eggs. But many of them die when they spread around the water. The turbulent water may destroy the eggs. Plankton and other underwater animals can eat them too.

Big Octopus

Big Octopus

Octopus Facts 5: Octopus Ink

Octopus is always recognized with ink. It has three different functions. It can be used to frighten the predators, destroy the smell and sight of predator and as a way to escape from the predators to give the cloudy view on the water. To know about other underwater animals, check seal facts.

Octopus Facts 6: Species of Octopus

The species of octopus is up to 300. More than 1/3 of the total species are included as cephalopod. If you want to meet the deadly octopus, you need to note on the small blue ringed octopus.

Octopus in the Sea

Octopus in the Sea

Octopus Facts 7: Physical Appearance

Human being has one heart, but octopus has three hearts inside their body with four pair of arms.

Octopus Facts 8: Fast Swimmer

Octopus is a good and fast swimmer. It is not easy for the predator to follow them. They can squeeze easily. Octopus does not have skeleton. Their soft body makes them so easy to jet in the water.

Octopus Underwater

Octopus Underwater

Octopus Facts 9: Spotlight

Octopuses do not like with spotlight. They like living in dark and gloomy area.  You can find them living in a rock formation or cave underwater to hide from predators. The small size of octopus will like to hide in a clamshell.

Octopus Facts 10: Horizontal Pupils

The horizontal pupils of octopus are interesting. No matter where they look, the position of the pupils will be the same. They will view the horizon even though they gaze, stare, or nod.



Octopus is a smart animal that you need to avoid when swimming on the sea. You will be harmed if you meet the deadly blue ringed octopus. It is better for you to run away or hide when meeting octopus. What do you think on the facts about octopus?

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