10 Interesting Hornet Facts

Saturday, March 29th 2014. | Animals

Hornet facts will be so much useful to learn about. The facts below are the basic for those who want to get further reference about this insect. So, just be more and more considerate in how to get appropriate information about this animal below.

Hornet Facts 1: habitats

Hornet has the nests in aerial area. Some perfect examples are under roofs, treetops, and also decks. There are also other area including tree trunks and others which are raised off the ground. You can do searching further about it.

Hornet Facts 2: native

It has been said that Hornet was the native of North America. It is wrong because Hornet is widely recognized to be the native of European. Any of you need to know about this fact indeed. The purpose is to make sure that you can gain better recognition of it.

Hornet Animal

Hornet Animal

Hornet Facts 3: description

You need to know about the description of such animal as well. This animal is bald-faced and has yellow jacket. Usually, hornet has black and white markings instead of black and yellow. It is easily recognized actually.

Hornet Facts 4: the queen

It has become common knowledge that the only member of the hornet colony which may conduct reproduction is the queen. You need to know further about this fact.

Hornet European

Hornet European

Hornet Facts 5: mating

Any males may conduct mating with new queens. They will die soon after conducting mating. In fact, there are only few males within the colony. Any people need to know about this fact indeed.

Hornet Facts 6: hornet nests

There are people who really love to collect hornet nests. The main purpose is that they may use it in order to do examination and also admiration for the intricate structure. It is important in doing this because the hornets often left at the end of the season.

Hornet facts

Hornet facts

Hornet Facts 7: feeding

Any of you may require as well knowing about the feeding of hornets. They actually feed on tree sap. Hornets also are recognized to be the predators which may eliminate flies, insects, and also bees.

Hornet Facts 8:  summer months

You need to find out that individual cells within the nest can be reused up to 4 times especially during the summer months. It was also for different groups of newly born hornets.

Hornet Image

Hornet Image

Hornet Facts 9: storing sperm

The queen is capable in storing sperm within their bodies until they are required to gain fertilization of the eggs within the spring.

Hornet Facts 10: fights

This animal can conduct fights against any others whether insects, animals, or even humans. It will be fierce if this animal releases their pheromones.



There are many methods in learning facts about Hornet beside the information above. There are many people who have gained different ideas in how to deal with the further information about it. So, let’s discuss it further more.

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