10 Interesting New Zealand Facts

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Let’s find out New Zealand Facts by reading the following post below. It will be fun for us to learn about the animals, food, drinks, major cities, mountain, sports and experts of New Zealand. This country is very famous around the world for its beauty and scenery. Here are facts about New Zealand for you:

New Zealand Facts 1: population

Based on the report conducted in the beginning of 2013, it was stated that New Zealand is a home to more than 4.5 million people.

New Zealand Facts 2: the capital city

Wellington is the capital city of New Zealand, but the largest city in the country is Auckland. Other major cities in New Zealand include Dunedin, Hamilton and Christchurch.

New Zealand Facts

New Zealand Facts

New Zealand Facts 3: location

Can you tell me the exact location of New Zealand? It is situated on the south-western Pacific Ocean. The North Island and South Island of New Zealand are included as the primary two islands in the country. But it also has some small islands.

New Zealand Facts 4: the small islands

New Zealand has many small islands. Those include Great Barrier Island, Stewart Island, Chatham Island, Waiheke Island, and many more.  There are small islands in the country uninhabited by people.

New Zealand Map

New Zealand Map

New Zealand Facts 5: the indigenous people

You can find the Polynesian people are the indigenous tribe here. They are the Maori people. Atoearoa is the Maori name for New Zealand.

New Zealand Facts 6: the spoken languages

There are two kinds of languages widely spoken by the people in New Zealand. Both are English and Te reo Maori. But English is used a lot by people in daily life.

New Zealand People

New Zealand People

New Zealand Facts 7: The Treaty of Waitangi

In 1840, The British and Maori people signed The Treaty of Waitangi. The treaty was about the agreement that New Zealand was a part of the British Empire.

New Zealand Facts 8: unique plants and animals

New Zealand has unique plants and animals because of the isolated area. You can find the ground welling kiwis and alpine parrots. Learn about kiwi bird facts here.

New Zealand Trekking

New Zealand Trekking

New Zealand Facts 9: The women to vote

Do you know that the first country which gives the women right to vote is New Zealand? The right was granted for the women in 1893.

New Zealand Facts 10: Lord of the Rings

Lord of the Rings is a famous box office movie. Do you know that the trilogy was filmed in New Zealand?

New Zealand

New Zealand

The highest mountain in New Zealand is Aoraki Mount Cook. You can visit it in South Island. It has the height of 12, 316 feet or 3,754 meters. Do you want to give opinion on facts about New Zealand?

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