10 Interesting Iceland Facts

Thursday, April 3rd 2014. | Countries

Iceland facts give the interesting information about the country in the world. If you think about Iceland, you know that this country is very cold. However, you should never think that  the entire area is filled with ice. Find out the fascinating information about Iceland by scrutinizing the article below:

Iceland Facts 1:lake

The deepest lake in Iceland is called Lake Oskjuvatn. The depth of the lake is around 220 meter.

Iceland Facts 2:Santa clauses

Santa Clause is always linked with Christmas. Most kids believed in Santa clause. They think that Santa will come in the night of Christmas Eve. The people in Iceland believe that there are 13 Santa clauses.

iceland Country

Iceland Country

Iceland Facts 3:economy

The economy in Iceland lies on the processing of fish and fishing.  You can find that many people work in the fishing factory and coast area.

Iceland Facts 4:beer

All of us know that beer is a wonderful drink. People drink beer when they have a good time with friends or celebrate a good event. However, people of Iceland could not enjoy beer as their favorite drink for it was banned by the Iceland  government until March 1989.

iceland facts

Iceland facts

Iceland Facts 5:trees

If you go to Iceland, you will be surprised with the condition of the area. The trees only make up 1 percent from the total area in Iceland.

Iceland Facts 6: Hvannadalshnjúkur

Hvannadalshnjúkur is the top mountain in Iceland. It has the height of 2119 meters.

iceland Pic

Iceland Pic

Iceland Facts 7:place of living

The history stated that  one of the last areas used as a home to human is Iceland. Probably the temperature of this area makes people consider that it is not a  good place of living.

Iceland Facts 8:birds

If you love to know different kinds of animals, you can go to Iceland. There are at least 270 different kinds of birds in this country.

iceland Swimming

Iceland Swimming

Iceland Facts 9:money

It was a very surprising fact to know that people used dried fish as money in 1413.

Iceland Facts 10: Althing

The oldest parliamentary body in the world is located in Iceland.  You can call it the Althing.



Even though Iceland is not a big country, you will be fascinated by the landscape. People love to go swimming on the beaches in Iceland. Do you have any question on facts about Iceland?

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