10 Interesting Nervous System Facts

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Nervous System Facts explain the importance of nerve cell to coordinate the action not only on human being but also animals. Both human and animal are equipped with nervous system.  The system is operated by during the control and sensory apparatus to coordinate the network of nerve cells in each part of the body.

Nervous System Facts 1: Part of Nervous System

Not many people know that nervous system is divided in two parts. Both are the peripheral nervous system and central nervous system.

Nervous System Facts 2: Peripheral Nervous System

This system has the important job to transmit the motor and sensation information from the central nervous system

Human Nervous System

Human Nervous System

Nervous System Facts 3: Central Nervous System

Central nervous system comes in three elements. Those include the spinal cord, retina and brain.

Nervous System Facts 4: Signal

Signal is received by the body to operate well. There are many ways that a cell can use to transmit the signal to other cells in the body.

Nervous System fact

Nervous System fact

Nervous System Facts 5: Glial Cells

The structural and metabolic support is tackled by glial cells.  It is part of nervous system which is responsible to support the system.

Nervous System Facts 6: Malfunction of Nervous System

People or animal can suffer from the malfunction of nervous system due to several reasons such as the infection, aging, genetic defect, and physical damage.

Nervous System

Nervous System

Nervous System Facts 7: Senses of Human Being

The nervous system in human body is very important to support the five senses of human being which includes heating, smelling, sighting, touching and testing.

Nervous System Facts 8: Neuron

The human brain is considered as center of the nervous system. It has 100 billion neurons on the human brain.



Nervous System Facts 9: Brain Function

The left side for your human body is controlled by the right brain, while the right body is controlled by the left brain. It has the weight around 3 lbs.

Nervous System Facts10: Spinal Cord of Men and Women

Men and women have different length of spinal cord. Women has short spinal cord at 16.9 inches. Men have 17.7 inches.

Nervous System facts

Nervous System facts

There are categories of cell included in the nervous system. Both are the glial cell and neurons. The electrical waves will be travelled to other cells when neurons transmit signal to other cells in the body. The connection between central nervous system and peripheral system is the responsibility of ganglia. If you want to make sure that your nervous system can work well, you need to perform a healthy lifestyle. Do you have any more facts about nervous system to add here?

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