10 Interesting Albinism Facts

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Albinism facts give you a full understanding that this condition can occur not only on human being but also on plants and animals. In minor cases, albinism can make the animal have pink eyes and white hairs. The coloration and pigmentation is absence so that people have to face albinism. Here is the details info about it:

Albinism Facts 1: People with Albinism

Albinism is considered as a rare condition. It is estimated that only one from 17,000 experiences albinism. A person with albinism gets the albino gene from both parents.

Albinism Facts 2: Physical Appearance

The physical appearance of the people with albinism is totally different with normal people. They usually have blue or gray eyes. In rare cases, their eyes are pink or red.

Albinism Facts

Albinism Facts

Albinism Facts 3: Eye Problem

The people who live with albinism should concern more with the health of their eyes. Most people with albinism have a low vision. They need to use contact or glass to correct the low vision.

Albinism Facts 4: Outdoor Area

The people with albinism do not have any pigmentation which can protect their skin from the hot sunlight. You do not need to stay indoor all of the time. Spend your time outdoor during the summer day. Remember to use the sunscreen to protect the skin from sunburn. Use your eye glasses, jacket and hats.

Albinism in a Child

Albinism in a Child

Albinism Facts 5: Famous People with Albinism

There are some famous people with albinism who have inspired and impressed many people. Some of them include fashion model Connie Chiu, Winston “King Yellowman” Foster, Victor Varnado; Emperor Seinei of Japan, Johnny and Edgar Winter, Salif Keita, and Willie “Piano Red” Perryman.

Albinism Facts 6: Belief in Zimbabwe

There is a strange and wrong belief in Zimbabwe that a man with HIV AIDS has to have sex with a woman with albinism if he wants to be cured. This strange belief has led many HIV infections because the HIV men tend to rape the women with albinism.

Albinism in a Girl

Albinism in a Girl

Albinism Facts 7: Albino Animal

Not only human, there are some famous animals with albinism. You can see a gorilla called as Snowflake, the coast Australian humpback whale named Migaloo, a Moach Dick sperm whale, a Bristol zoo penguin named Snowdrop, and Louisiana’s pink dolphin.

Albinism Facts 8: Term of Albinism

The word albinism is gained from the Latin work Albus. In English albums means white. Most people with albinism have white skin color because their skin is lack of melanin.

Albinism in a Woman

Albinism in a Woman

Albinism Facts 9: Observers of Albinism

The first observers of Albinism were Aulus Gellius and Plinius Secundus. The oldest record of this skin disorder was on Rome and Germany.

Albinism Facts 10: Life Span

You are wrong if you think that people with albinism will have a short life span. On the contrary, they tend to live longer.



Albinism is considered as a common condition faced by African American people. You can make friends with people with albinism because this condition is not contagious. Do you want to learn more on facts about albinism?

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