10 Interesting Liver Facts

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One of the important organs that human being has is explained in Liver facts. Liver is seen as the largest glandular organ. Can you guess the weight of a liver? It is around 1.36 kilogram or 3 lb. if you are curious to find out the color, function and how to take care the human liver, you need to read the following post below:

Liver Facts 1: colors

Let’s begin the explanation about liver with the color and parts of liver. Liver is composed with four lobes. It has reddish brown color. The location of human liver can be seen on the right face of the abdominal hollow space or under the diaphragm.

Liver Facts 2: iron

The stockpile of iron is located in our liver. Liver maintains the balance of iron, minerals and vitamin inside the body. If you have less iron, you feel dizzy and tired during the day. Learn more on iron facts here.

Liver Facts

Liver Facts

Liver Facts 3: bile

One of the important functions of liver is making bile. The bile is very important in the function of human body because it helps us to absorb the food.

Liver Facts 4: detoxification

When the liver of the people damaged, you can face serious diseases. Do you know that the noxious substance inside the body can only be detoxified by liver? If your liver is broken, your body will be filled with noxious substance. The substances can come inside the body from the drug, wine, beer, alcohol and chemicals.

Liver Image

Liver Image

Liver Facts 5: stock

Liver is used as a storage place. You can find the fat, glucose and carbohydrate on the liver. When the body needs more sugar, it will take it from the liver. However, people can end up in a comma, if the blood sugar point is very low.

Liver Facts 6: New Proteins

The new protein will be made by liver. If the liver does not produce the new protein, human body cannot develop. Protein is very important for it can rejuvenate the damaged and old cells in the body.

Liver of Human

Liver of Human

Liver Facts 7: the inventor of blood

Liver is the organ which is responsible to create blood in human body.  Prior to the human’s birth, liver   has prepared the production of blood inside the body.

Liver Facts 8: Toxic

Toxic can break into the body of human being when you breathe the chemical, drain smoke and toxic air. The diversity in this contamination makes the body prone to diseases. The main function of liver is to neutralize the toxic materials in the body.

Liver Pic

Liver Pic

Liver Facts 9: microorganisms

The immunity of the body is also affected by the function of liver. If you have a great liver, you can avoid the attack of the microbes and other dangerous microorganism. The flu bugs and cold germs can be avoided when the liver neutralizes them.

Liver Facts 10: Cholesterol

Cholesterol is produced by liver. The healthy cholesterol is important because it can be used to produce the steroid hormones.



You need to imitate the consumption of white meat and fried food to maintain the production of bad cholesterol in the body. Do you have anything to say on facts about liver?

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