8 Interesting Male Brain Facts

Tuesday, July 1st 2014. | Human

Find out the interesting Male Brain Facts if you want to know on how men think. Many people still consider the male brain as a mystery. It is not easy to decide what men think. Actually you need to know the way it works so that it will be easy for you understand the meaning of male’s actions and words. Here are the facts about male brain for you:

Male Brain Facts 1: faithful men

If you think that it is easy for a man to stay faithful, you are wrong. Men are not born to be a faithful person. They have to show freedom by avoiding any attachment. Therefore, it is not easy for a woman to ask a man to marry her.

Male Brain Facts 2: a boss

Most men want to be a boss. When they are in the relationship, they want to make sure that the men are in charge. The ambiguous chain of command makes men stressful. If they know who is in charge, it will be easy for them to do the job.

Male Brain Comparison

Male Brain Comparison

Male Brain Facts 3: military job

The military job is one of the unambiguous chains of command. It makes many men want this job. You know your rank and job. By having the crystal clear chain of command, the men can preserve their aggression and testosterone level.

Male Brain Facts 4: hormonal changes

It is a surprising fact to know that men also face hormonal changes when the wives are carrying the babies.  Before the men become fathers, they face low testosterone level and have raised on the prolactin level. Check pregnancy facts here.

Male Brain Facts

Male Brain Facts

Male Brain Facts 5: competition

When men are still young, they have high level of competitive nature.  But when they age the competitive nature is dropped slowly. They become more cooperative.  This nature can explain why young men always want to have the best cars, the most beautiful girl’s friend and the best job.

Male Brain Facts 6: daddy play with kids

Daddies and mommies play in different ways with the kids. The game that a daddy chooses to play with the kids usually includes the rough and tough play. It makes mommy view the game as a bad one. Actually this play is great based on the studies because it can prepare the children to face the real world.

Male Brain Image

Male Brain Image

Male Brain Facts 7: protective person

Men are considered as a protective person.  They feel threatened if the security, tortoise and the loved ones are disturbed by others.

Male Brain Facts 8: men and women

The male brain always thinks about women. The impulse control center in the brain drives men to check up with women.

Male Brain

Male Brain

The male brain is also programmed to solve problem. When women have problems and they share them with men, the men tend to give solution. Are you fascinated with facts about male brain?

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