10 Interesting Red Blood Cell Facts

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Red Blood Cell Facts tell you about a type of blood inside the body. The main function of red blood cell is used to carry oxygen and spread it inside the body.  You can find hemoglobin inside the cell. It is a type of protein. The red color on the blood cell is because of the combination of hemoglobin and oxygen. Here are some interesting facts about red blood cells for you:

Red Blood Cell Facts 1: the production

The bone marrow is the place to produce red blood cells inside the body.  The blood will circulate for 120 days.

Red Blood Cell Facts 2: the common type of blood cell

The common type of blood cell is the red blood cell. You can also call it erythrocytes. As I have stated before, this red blood cell has the function to deliver the oxygen in vertebrate organism. Get oxygen facts here.

Red Blood Cell Facts

Red Blood Cell Facts

Red Blood Cell Facts 3: how does it deliver the oxygen?

The red blood cells deliver the oxygen or O2 in the gills or lung. Then the oxygen will be released into the body tissue.

Red Blood Cell Facts 4: cytoplasm

If you check out cytoplasm of red blood cells, you can find a lot of hemoglobin. Inside this hemoglobin, you can find an iron which contains bimolecular. The function is to bind the oxygen.  It also makes the color of the blood turn red.

Red Blood Cell Image

Red Blood Cell Image

Red Blood Cell Facts 5: the cell membrane

Let’s discuss the cell membrane. The lipids and proteins are used to compose it. The stability and deformability of the of the cell is determined by the structure of the cell membrane.

Red Blood Cell Facts 6: shape

The shape of red blood cells in human being is in oval biconcave disks. They are flexible. To maximize the space for hemoglobin inside the red blood cells, they only contain a little nucleus, but have more organelles.

Red Blood Cell Inside

Red Blood Cell Inside

Red Blood Cell Facts 7: production or red blood cells

The new red blood cells are generated for around 2.4 million each second in the body of adult human being.

Red Blood Cell Facts 8: recycled

The red blood cells will be recycled by macrophages after they circulate inside the body for around 100 till 120 days. It takes 20 seconds for each circulation inside the body.

Red Blood Cell Parts

Red Blood Cell Parts

Red Blood Cell Facts 9: the amount of red blood cells

The amount of red blood cells inside the body occupies a quarter of the whole cells.

Red Blood Cell Facts 10: Packed red blood cells

The red blood cells used for blood transfusion are called the packed red blood cells.  They are stored inside the blood bank.

Red Blood Cells

Red Blood Cells

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