10 Interesting Metamorphic Rock Facts

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Metamorphic Rock Facts give you the detail information about the types of rocks which undergo transformation or metamorphosis. That’s why the rock is called as metamorphic rock. Some examples of the rock include chalk, shale, sandstone and limestone.   The rock usually is heated or pressured so that it hardens and creates new crystal. Find out more facts about metamorphic rock below:

Metamorphic Rock Facts 1: layers

If you look at the texture of metamorphic rocks, you can find out various layers. The people can split the layers of the rock to create thin texture. One example of layered metamorphic rocks is found on slate. Even though it is thin, it can provide durable roofing.

Metamorphic Rock Facts 2: change

As I have stated before metamorphic rock is created because of the changes. It occurs due to the heated activity of magma or movement of tectonic plate which forces the rock to change.

Metamorphic Rock Facts

Metamorphic Rock Facts

Metamorphic Rock Facts 3: marble

Do you know that marble is a type of metamorphic rocks? It is created from chalk or limestone. You can find marble abundant in the mountain.  You can dissolve marble by using acids and lemon juice. This material is durable and precious. People often use it as the wall and floor. Find out marble facts here.

Metamorphic Rock Facts 4: examples of metamorphic rocks

Could you mention the examples of metamorphic rocks?  Some of them are marble, anthracite, gneiss, granulite, slate, schist and marble.

Metamorphic Rock Image

Metamorphic Rock Image

Metamorphic Rock Facts 5: Anthracite

Anthracite contains high carbon. It is actually a type of coal.   If you can find the purest one, it usually comes in shining look.

Metamorphic Rock Facts 6: formation of metamorphic rock

The metamorphic rock created from the igneous rock basalt is granulite. Quartize is created from the sedimentary rock sandstone, while marble is formed from the sedimentary rock limestone.

Metamorphic Rock Pic

Metamorphic Rock Pic

Metamorphic Rock Facts 7: slate

Let’s talk a bit about the formation of slate. When this type of metamorphic rock is created, the mineral mica will replace the clay of the original rock.

Metamorphic Rock Facts 8: formation of slate

Even though slate is a type of metamorphic rock, it actually can form other types of rocks. It creates mudstone, shale and clay.

Metamorphic Rock

Metamorphic Rock

Metamorphic Rock Facts 9: building

One of the famous buildings created entirely from metamorphic rock is Taj Mahal. This building is located in Agra, India.  You can find marble on the wall and floor.

Metamorphic Rock Facts 10: Schist

A metamorphic rock originated from slate is schist.

Metamorphic Rocks

Metamorphic Rocks

If you want to know more about metamorphic rock, you need to look at the textures, materials and colors of slate, marble, schist and many more. Do you want to give comment on facts about metamorphic rock?

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