10 Interesting Robin Facts

Wednesday, March 18th 2015. | Animals

Robin Facts give you the interesting facts about one of the most popular birds in North America and Europe.  Robin is always associated with spring season. This bird is stunning due to the bright orange belly. Do you know that Robin is called as the national bird in Great Britain? Find out more facts about robin by reading the whole facts below:

Robin Facts 1: the male or female?

If you have to choose between the male or female robins, you need to pick the males.  Compared to the females, the male robins have more beautiful tune.

Robin Facts 2: the state bird

Robin is picked as the state birds in some states in United States. In Wisconsin, Michigan and Connecticut, robin is called as the state bird.

Robin Bird

Robin Bird

Robin Facts 3: the favorite food

Can you guess the favorite foods of Robins? They like eat sweet food. There is no need to wonder that they like eating pastry dough, sweet cakes, berries and fruits.

Robin Facts 4: how to differentiate the male and females

It is very easy to differentiate the male and female Robins. You just have to look at this bird closely.  The female robins have duller look compared to male robins.

Robin Color

Robin Color

Robin Facts 5: Migratory Bird Act

Migratory Bird Act can save robins from being hunted in United States. Therefore, the population of this bird will not decrease rapidly. Believe it or not, robins were hunted for their meat in the past.

Robin Facts 6: the American robins

You have to be careful with the American robins. Do you know that they can be the carrier of west Nile virus? Compared to other species, the robins can hold the virus longer.

Robin Cute

Robin Cute

Robin Facts 7: the range of the American robins

Just like its name suggested, the American robins can be seen in North America. During the winter time, the will go to central Mexico from Southern Canada passing the Pacific Coast. Find out another bird in mockingbird facts.

Robin Facts 8: the subspecies

There are subspecies of Robin. If you want to check out the most distinctive subspecies, you have to see T. m. confinis of Baja California Sur. It looks different due to the pale gray brown underparts of the body.

Robin Facts

Robin Facts

Robin Facts 9: the activities of the American robin

They will assemble in large flocks when the night comes.  During the day, they are very active. Even though they like sweet foods, they also eat caterpillars, earthworms and beetle grubs.

Robin Facts 10: the predators

Robins have to survive by avoiding the predators such as the large snakes, cats and hawks. Get facts about hawk here.



Are you fascinated reading facts about robin?

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