10 Interesting Mummification Facts

Friday, August 15th 2014. | Culture

Check Mummification Facts if you want to know about the ritual conducted by the ancient people in Egypt. Mummification was a very important process for the dead people if they want to enjoy a great afterlife. The ancient Egyptians believed in afterlife. It means that after the people died, will have a journey to another life. Here are the interesting processes of mummification:

Mummification Facts 1: where is the burial for the dead body?

Do you know that in the beginning the ancient Egyptians buried the dead people in the desert? The dead body looked like a natural mummy because the desert was so hot and dry. It made the moisturizers on the body gone.

Mummification Facts 2: heart

The heart will be kept inside the body, while the other organs of the dead will be removed from the body. Do you know that the ancient Egyptians preferred to have heart than brain? They believe the one which controlled the body was the heart. This organ was also called as the source of intelligence.

Mummification Canopic Jars

Mummification Canopic Jars

Mummification Facts 3: Canopic jars

Canopic jars are very important in the mummification process.  The jars were used to keep the organs of the dead people. The organs removed from the body include stomach, lungs, liver and intestines. The canopic jars will save the organs that the dead used in the afterlife.

Mummification Facts 4: a sense of honor

Do you know that not all Egyptian people enjoyed the proper mummification? There were only the rich and noble people who could have mummification.

Mummification Egypt

Mummification Egypt

Mummification Facts 5: wrapping the body

I believe that you have seen the pictures of a mummy on the internet. The whole body of a mummy is wrapped by using strips of linen.  The head and neck was wrapped first. Then the toes and finger were wrapped individually. The last ones were the legs, arms and torso.

Mummification Facts 6: amulet

Amulet was located between the layers of the linen. The main function is to protect the body for the journey in the afterlife.

Mummification Facts

Mummification Facts

Mummification Facts 7: the common amulets

The common amulets used in the mummification were the Ankh, The Isis Knot, The Plummet and the Djed.

Mummification Facts 8: brain

Brain is considered as the non important organ in the body of the dead. The brain was thrown away.

Mummification Process

Mummification Process

Mummification Facts 9: natron

Natron is an important substance for mummification. The body was covered with natron for 40 days to dry it.

Mummification Facts 10: a mask

A mask will be placed over the head of the mummy after the body was bandaged. The mask will be made to look like to face of the dead. Therefore, he or she can find out her own body. Find out more facts about mummy here.



The process of mummification took 70 days to finish. Do you want to give opinion on facts about mummification?

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