8 Interesting Mummy Facts

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Mummy Facts provide the information about the ancient human body preservation.  This religious ritual is very important for ancient Egyptian people. The process of mummification is not easy. It is very complicated and long. The ritual occurs for 70 days. Here are facts about mummy for you:

Mummy Facts 1: what is mummy?

The body of person preserved after the death is called a mummy. The ancient Egyptian people believe that the mummification process is needed for the afterlife. Not all ancient Egyptian people enjoyed proper mummification. Only the rich Egyptian people can do mummification appropriately after the death. It was very expensive.

Mummy Facts 2: afterlife

The mummy is needed because the Egyptian people believed that they have to be preserved body for the afterlife.

Mummy Egypt

Mummy Egypt

Mummy Facts 3: what is afterlife?

Let’s find out the meaning of afterlife in the ancient Egyptian culture. They believed that people would have another journey into a different life after the death. To make sure that the dead people had all the things they need in the afterlife, the family should give them the needed things in the graves including the mummified body.

Mummy Facts 4: the rich and poor people

The ritual of the dead people for rich and poor people is different. The rich people could pay more to make sure that the body of the dead is properly preserved in mummification. The dead is also buried inside a tomb. On the other hand, the body of the poor people is only buried in the sand.

Mummy Facts

Mummy Facts

Mummy Facts 5: mummification

Mummification is called as the process of making the dead body into mummy.

Mummy Facts 6: how the mummy was made?

The priest needed at least 70 days to complete the process of mummification. A mask of a jackal will be used by the priest for it represents the God Anubis.

Mummy Pictures

Mummy Pictures

Mummy Facts 7: process of mummification

The process of mummification is not simple. The first to do is washing and purifying the body of the dead. Then the organs will be removed from the body. But the heart remains inside the body of the dead. Then the priest will fill the body with stuffing. Then the body should be dried. A substance was used to absorb all moisturizers. The stuffing was removed from the body after 40 to 50 days. Then it will be replaced with sawdust or linen. Then the dead will be covered by using linen and a shroud. A stone coffin is the last place where the body will be saved. Now the mummy is ready to have a nice afterlife. Check ancient Egypt facts for detail info.

Mummy Facts 8: sarcophagus

Sarcophagus is a term used to call the stone coffin of the mummy.



The heart remained in the body of the death in the mummification process because the ancient Egypt thought it was the center of emotion and intelligence. Can you comment on facts about mummy?

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