10 Interesting African Penguins Facts

Tuesday, November 5th 2013. | Animals

African penguins facts give the full information about one of the special animals in the world.  You can enjoy the view of penguin by visiting Boulders beach or even Betty’s Bay. African penguin is different from the rest of penguin that you can see in the world. You need to read the following post if you want to know more about this cute animal:

African Penguins Facts 1: nick name

Many people call African penguin as Jackass Penguins. Other people call them as Blackfoot penguins.

African Penguins Facts 2: diet

The main food of African penguins includes herrings, mackerel, sardines, pilchards and anchovies. Some of them also eat shellfish and squids.

African Penguin

African Penguin

African Penguins Facts 3: diving

African penguin can dive in average at 30 meters. However, some of them have the capability to dive deeper at 130 meters.

African Penguins Facts 4: weight

The weight of male and female African penguins is different. The female African penguins are bigger than the male penguins. They can reach the weight around 2.4 kilogram an 3.6 kilograms. The height of the African penguins is around 60 cm.

African Penguins

African Penguins

African Penguins Facts 5: breathing system

When the African penguins spend their time under water, they can hold the breath for about 2.5 minutes.

African Penguins Facts 6: swimming speed

The swimming speed when an African penguin hunt is different when they only play in the water. When hunting for food, the swimming speed can reach 20 kilometer per hour. In average, they can swim 7 km per hour.

African Penguins Cute

African Penguins Cute

African Penguins Facts 7: breeding

When the female African penguins reach the age of 4 years old, they can breed by laying two eggs in the nest. They will have the nest in a burrow of sand or guano.

African Penguins Facts 8: incubation period

When the incubation period comes, both male and female will share similar duties to take care the eggs. It usually lasts for around 38 to 42 days.

African Penguins Facts

African Penguins Facts

African Penguins Facts 9: life span

In Average the African penguins can live around 10 years.

African Penguins Facts 10: colonies

If you want to know the habitat of African penguins, you can visit the coastlines in Port Elizabeth or Namibia. Their colonies can be seen in 24 islands.



It will be a great vacation if you can stay closer with nature. You can visit the coastlines in Africa and enjoy the view of African penguins. Many people think that Penguins only live in polar area. You can find them living in Africa. What do you think on facts about African penguins?

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