10 Interesting German shepherd Facts

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German shepherd facts present the animal lovers with the detail information about the breed of large shepherd dogs in the world. People use this animal to guide the blind people and for police work. Based on the name, you probably have guessed that this animal is originated from Germany. It comes from the region of Alsace or Alsatian. Let me tell you more facts about German shepherd here.

German shepherd Facts 1: Size

Let’s talk about the size of German shepherd. This animal has the weight around 75 to 95 pounds. The height is around 24 to 26 inches up to the shoulder.

German shepherd Facts 2: Origin of the Breed

The German shepherd breed is coming from Germany. The dog is mainly used for guarding shepherd and hunting activities.If you want to know a strong dog, see Rottweiler facts.

German Shepherd Facts

German Shepherd Facts

German shepherd Facts 3: Nickname

There are several names used to call German shepherd. Some of them include Deutscher Schaferhund, Alsatian Wolf Dog and German Shepherd Dog.

German shepherd Facts 4: Alsatian Wolf Dog

Many people call it as Alsatian Wolf Dog due to the unpopular name of Germany after the world war. Thus, the name given to the dog is Alsatian Wolf Dog. It is gained from the name of border area in Alsace-Lorraine.

German Shepherd puppy

German Shepherd puppy

German shepherd Facts 5: Life Span

The German shepherd dog can live for about 12 until 14 years old. Get more facts about life span of dog breed in Golden retriever facts.

German shepherd Facts 6: Color of Coat

The color of coat for these animals is various. You can have them in the color of tan, grey, gold, white and black. The coat comes in different textures. It can be in straight, medium and hard.

German Shepherd Training

German Shepherd Training

German shepherd Facts 7: Dog Types

Based on the dog type, German shepherd is including in the herding dog group.

German shepherd Facts 8: Possible Health Problem

If you want to have German shepherd as the pet at home, you need to make sure that you can give the best maintenance. The animal is susceptible to several types of diseases such as the skin diseases, congenital heart disease, Panosteitis, Bloat, and Hip dysplasia.

German Shepherd

German Shepherd

German shepherd Facts 9: Things to Consider before You Own German Shepherd

There many things to concern before people have German shepherd as pet at home. You need to know the cost of health insurance, medical bills, and vaccination. Don’t forget to note whether this dog is suitable for children or not.

German shepherd Facts 10: Popularity

When talking about the popularity of German shepherd, many people in US love it as a pet. It is ranked on the fifth position as the popular pet in US.

German Shepherds

German Shepherds

If you need a friend in your lonely life, it will be great if you own a dog. It makes you feel wonderful to have a dog to walk in the morning and to play with in the park. You can also have this small puppy for your kids. What do you think on facts about German shepherd?

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