10 Interesting Moscow Facts

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If you want to get information about the capital city of Russia, you have to read Moscow Facts. Moscow is a famous city in the world. It is a home to the famous Red Square, Kremlin and St. Basil’s cathedral. You can also find the big software companies, corporate giants and high end shopping centers in Moscow. Here are the complete facts about Moscow:

Moscow Facts 1: the biggest city

In Europe, Moscow is called as the biggest city.  The word Moscow was mentioned by the founder of Moscow, Yuri Dolgorukiy in 1147. He used the sentence ‘Come to me, brother, to Moscow’ when he invited price of Novgorod-Severski to come to Moscow.

Moscow Facts 2: Kremlin

Kremlin is a favorite place to visit in Moscow.  This ancient fortress was established in 1331. It is the home of the Russian president and Russian government.

Moscow Architecture

Moscow Architecture

Moscow Facts 3: the most popular uprisings

There were several uprisings in 17th century in Moscow such as the Copper Riot (1662), Polish-Lithuanian invaders (1612), the Salt Riot (1648), and the Moscow Uprising of 1682.

Moscow Facts 4: unemployment

Moscow is a good city for the people who want to get a job. The city had the lowest unemployment rate based on the data in 2010.

Moscow Facts

Moscow Facts

Moscow Facts 5: the number of billionaires

There are many billionaires living in Moscow. Forest magazine appointed the city with the great number of billionaires in 2011. There were 79 billionaires in Moscow.

Moscow Facts 6: Orthodox Christianity

Orthodox Christianity is the most popular religion in Moscow. There were 1,600 churches in the area. But many of them were damaged after the revolution of 1917. But now they were restored after the Soviet Union fell.

Moscow Pictures

Moscow Pictures

Moscow Facts 7: four concentric ring roads

Moscow has four concentric ring roads.  You can pass MKAD circle, 3rd Circle, Sadovoe Circle and Bul’varnij Circle.

Moscow Facts 8: The Russian State Library

If you are in Moscow, you can visit the second biggest library in the world. It was established in 1862. The first biggest library was Library of Congress in USA.

Moscow Scenery

Moscow Scenery

Moscow Facts 9: Tret’yakovskiy proezd

Tret’yakovskiy proezd is considered as the most expensive street in Moscow. You can find the top label brands here such as Tiffany&Co, Prada, Gucci, Armani, Brioni, Lil Sander, and Chopard.

Moscow Facts 10: Tssytsin Main Moscow Botanical Garden of Academy of Science

Tssytsin Main Moscow Botanical Garden of Academy of Science is called as the largest botanical garden in Europe. Learn more on facts about Russian here.



One of the largest urban parks is located in Moscow. It is Izmaylovsky Park which spreads on the area of 5.92 square miles or 15.34 square kilometer. What do you think on facts about Moscow?

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