10 Interesting Kolkata Facts

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Kolkata facts present the interesting facts about the important city in India. When we talk about the city in India, it is not only about Mumbai, New Delhi, Hyderabad or even Goa. You can read the about the history of India by seeing Kolkata. Read the following post about Kolkata below:

Kolkata Facts 1: Kolkata nights

The technology is very important to the life of the people in Kolkata.  People used the earthen and gas lamps till 1898 in Kolkata. However, the electrical light was seen in the city since 1899. The city was in joy after the government spent one laks sterling pound to make the night in Kolkata bright with real lamps.

Kolkata Facts 2: the oldest medical school

Do you know that the oldest medical school in Asia is located in Kolkata? The school was established in 1835 with the name the Calcutta Medical College.

Kolkata Facts

Kolkata Facts

Kolkata Facts 3: University of Calcutta

Another important building in Kolkata is University of Calcutta. It was founded in 1857. It makes the university as the second oldest modern university in India.

Kolkata Facts 4: British India

In 1772, the British Indian appointed Kolkata as the capital city.  On November 1st, 1858 it was chosen as the royal capital of India. In 1911, the capital city was moved to New Delhi. Read India facts here.

Kolkata image

Kolkata image

Kolkata Facts 5: heritage building

There are many kinds of heritage buildings that you can find on Kolkata. David Wilson built the Great Eastern Hotel in Kolkata in 1835. It was considered as the oldest hotel.

Kolkata Facts 6: Play House

Play House is the first theater hall built by British in 1745.

Kolkata Pic

Kolkata Pic

Kolkata Facts 7: The Royal Calcutta Golf Club

In 1829, The Royal Calcutta Golf Club was founded in Kolkata.  It is considered as the first golf club located outside Great Britain and the oldest golf club in the country.

Kolkata Facts 8: The Calcutta Football League

Do you know the oldest league in Asia is located in Kolkata? It is called The Calcutta Football League.  The league was established in 1898 by British. There were several clubs on the league such as Eastern Railway, Mohun Bagan, Mohammedan Sporting and East Bengal.

Kolkata Sky line

Kolkata Sky line

Kolkata Facts 9: museums

There are 30 museums that you can find on Kolkata.  In 1814, the Indian museum was founded in the city. You can also visit the National library.

Kolkata Facts 10: Birla Planetarium

One of the oldest planetariums in India is Birla Planetarium.  This planetarium displays the optical equipments, projectors, and many more.

Kolkata Temple

Kolkata Temple

Bengal Gazette was the first weekly newspaper published in Kolkata on January 1780. Do you have any objection on facts about Kolkata?

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