10 Interesting Cork Facts

Tuesday, December 17th 2013. | Cities

Cork facts become the discussion here. For any of you who really become so much attentive in how to learn about certain area somewhere, Cork can become your topic of interest. Cork is certain city within Ireland which has gained much popularity.

Cork Facts 1: natural harbor

If we are talking about Cork, we can notice the most about the famous natural harbor. In fact, Cork has the second largest natural harbor around the world. The first largest one is the Sydney harbor. In Sydney, the harbor is warmer and also sunnier.

Cork Facts 2: yacht club

Cork is the home of oldest yacht club around the world. The club was founded within 1720. In fact, people can obtain fact about the existence of class yacht racing to celebrate the founding of the club. Do you already notice about this?

Cork City

Cork City

Cork Facts 3: Ford factory

There is an interesting fact. Cork is the city where first Ford motor factory was located outside the USA. Even the father of the founder of Ford motor came from this city. It was in west Cork.

Cork Facts 4: first steeplechase

You may notice that in North Cork, here was first steeplechase. It had taken place within the area between Buttevant and Doneraile. The event was conducted in 1752.

Cork facts

Cork facts

Cork Facts 5: the cable car

Cork actually has cable car which is unique. It operates above the water that connects the mainland of West Cork to Dursey Island. This information is so much recommended for you.

Cork Facts 6: Pot Still

If it is about a party, you may find the biggest Pot Still in the world. The capacity is 31,618 gallons. It is a huge amount of Pot Still right?

Cork Ireland

Cork Ireland

Cork Facts 7: St Colman’s Cathedral

There is carillon of bells in St Colman’s Cathedral. It is located in Cobh actually. The interesting part is that it is the biggest one located in Ireland and also UK. It has 49 bells.

Cork Facts 8:  the main streets

The main streets of Corks are built over the many river channels. The streets cover the channels actually. There is famous street called St Patrick Street. In the past time, it was known as Long Quay.

Cork River

Cork River

Cork Facts 9: Rebel County

Cork is famous as the Rebel County. The main reason is because of the high amount of rebel activities within the country especially during the Civil War.

Cork Facts 10: Gaelic name

Corcaigh is the Gaelic name of Cork. The meaning is “a marsh”. In the past, Cork City started as the island of River Lee.



Learning facts about Cork can help you obtain better information about this city. Well, you can learn more from the internet actually.

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