10 Interesting Florence Italy Facts

Monday, January 27th 2014. | Cities

Florence Italy facts will be useful if you want to visit the city. Reading the facts can become your information and knowledge in how to understand the city better. So, let’s discuss about it further here. Just read more to learn better.

Florence Italy Facts 1: capital city

First basic fact you need to know about Florence is related to its status. Florence is the capital city of Florence province. It is also the Italian region of Tuscany. Do you know about it already?

Florence Italy Facts 2: Via Chiantigiana

It is a fact that Florence has the most beautiful road in Italy. It is Via Chiantigiana, The road is beautified by vineyards and also woodlands. It surrounds the city which connects to Siena.

Florence Italy Bridge

Florence Italy Bridge

Florence Italy Facts 3: pasta eating

Any people throughout Florence and also Italy have the unique and correct pasta eating. The most correct method is by piercing some pasta to the near or the edge of the bowl. It is not in the center yet at the 12 o’clock position. Later, they can twirl it around the fork.

Florence Italy Facts 4: first paved city in Europe

There is a fact that some people don’t know. In the year 1339, Florence has become the first city in Europe getting paved streets.

Florence Italy facts

Florence Italy facts

Florence Italy Facts 5: medici family

From 14th century up to 18th century, Florence had become the home of infamous Medici. Many famous people also live there including Galileo Galilei, Donatello, Raffaele, Guccio Gucci, and others even Leonardo da Vinci.

Florence Italy Facts 6: capita punishment abolishment

In November 1786, there was an abolishment of capital punishment there especially The Grand Duchy of Tuscany.

Florence Italy Tourists

Florence Italy Tourists

Florence Italy Facts 7: the floods

There were two big floods occurred in Florence. It was in November 4, 1333 and in November 4 1966. Some people really wondered about the date of November 4.

Florence Italy Facts 8:  90 seconds of burning plane

90 seconds is the time to escape the plane when any fire occurs. Therefore you need to know where the emergency exit is.

Florence Italy Vacation

Florence Italy Vacation

Florence Italy Facts 9: Italian language standardization

The Italian language in fact has first formalized within the 1st year s of 14th century. It was through the works of famous poet Dante Alighieri. The famous work was the Divine Comedy. It mixed the Sicilian and native Florentine language.

Florence Italy Facts 10: Florence Nightingale

There was famous modern nursing founder named Florence Nightingale. She was born in Florence.

Florence Italy

Florence Italy

It is fun to study facts about Florence Italy. The city is famous even to people around the world. So, what do you think?

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