10 Interesting Lourdes Facts

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One of the beautiful cities in France is explained in Lourdes facts. You can find this city lies on Pyrenean foothills.  Even though the people living in the city are only 15,000 people, there are many tourists who come here to enjoy the beauty. In a year, there are at least 5,000,000 tourists come to Lourdes. Here are the facts about Lourdes for you:

Lourdes Facts 1: hotels

The numbers of hotels that you can find in Lourdes are numerous. It is ranked as the second city with most hotels. The first rank is taken by Paris, France. Learn more on France facts here.

Lourdes Facts 2: spiritual destination

Many people like to go to Lourdes because of its spirituality.  It is one of the largest Catholic pilgrimages destinations in the world.

Lourdes Facts

Lourdes Facts

Lourdes Facts 3: a wonderful building

One of the wonderful buildings that you can find in Lourdes is Notre Dame of Lourdes Sanctuaries. You can enjoy the spiritual history by visiting this location. Actually Lourdes is also a home to 21 locations for mass celebration.

Lourdes Facts 4: sightseeing and entertainment

There are many spots in Lourdes that you can visit to enjoy sightseeing. You can enjoy the cinema of La Salle Bernadett, The Pic du Jer, the Lourdes’ Lake and wood and La Féerie des Eaux.

Lourdes France

Lourdes France

Lourdes Facts 5: museums

The people who love to enjoy history can go to the Lourdes museum.  Check out the memorabilia and displayed items in the past. Some famous museums in Lourdes to visit are Lourdes Museum, Christi Museum, Gemmail Museum, Culture and regional Architecture, Castle and Pyrenean museum, The Little Lourdes, The Wax Museum, The Nativity Museum, and The Miraculous Medal Museum.

Lourdes Facts 6: hotels

If you want to stay in Lourdes for several days, don’t forget to choose the right hotels. There are numerous hotels, guests’ houses or even apartments that you can rent. If you like with a 3 star hotel located closer to the sanctuary of Lourdes, you can go to Hotel de Padoue.

Lourdes Pic

Lourdes Pic

Lourdes Facts 7: Le Mariale Residence

Le Mariale Residence is located less than one mile from Lourdes Cave. This service apartment is a good place to stay with the whole family when you come to Lourdes.

Lourdes Facts 8: restaurant

Talking about the restaurant, you can choose the cuisines based on your personal taste. If you like French cuisines with Paella, you can go to Hotel Saint-Charles Restaurant.

Lourdes Scene

Lourdes Scene

Lourdes Facts 9: the formal language

Do you know that Lourdes has its own formal language? it is called Gascon Occitan. The language was widely spoken at the era of Saint Bernadette Soubirous.

Lourdes Facts 10: 150th Jubilee

On February 11, 2008, Lourdes had the 150th Jubilee. It was celebrated with an outdoor mass. There were 45,000 pilgrims here.



The people around the world will like to visit Lourdes from March to October at the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes. The water located in the spring water is believed can be used to heal diseases and pain. Are you satisfied with facts about Lourdes?

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