10 Interesting Gauteng Facts

Saturday, February 8th 2014. | Cities

Let me show you one of the South African’s nine provinces by reading Gauteng facts. This province is very famous with its wonderful scene and style.   Gauteng is surrounded by other four provinces in South Africa. Find out more about Gauteng by seeing the following post in details:

Gauteng Facts 1: metropolitan municipalities

There are three metropolitan municipalities located in Gauteng. You can visit East Rand or Ekurhuleni, Greater Pretoria or City of Tshwane and the City of Johannesburg. Each municipality has its own unique scenic view.

Gauteng Facts 2: population

Based on the 2010 census data from South African Statistics, the population of Gauteng is around 11.19 million people. It is estimated that 22.4 percent of people live in Gauteng. Gauteng spans on the area of 17,000 km2.

Gauteng facts

Gauteng facts

Gauteng Facts 3: language

The language that people used to communicate in South Africa is very diverse. It has at least 11 languages. Those are include isiNdebele, Afrikaans, isiZulu, English, Sepedi, Setswana, Sestoho, and many more.

Gauteng Facts 4: summer in Gauteng

Let’s find out the climate in this province. In the summer season, Gauteng has rainfall pattern. It can come in the average temperature around 60 to 84 degree F.  The summer season begins from October to March.

Gauteng johannesburg

Gauteng johannesburg

Gauteng Facts 5: winter in Gauteng’s

The winter season in Gauteng begins from April to September. The temperature of the season falls between 39 to 66 degree F. Ensure that you can use sun block when having activity outside the shelter. It has high UV B radiation.

Gauteng Facts 6: South African Standard Time

If you decide to have a vacation in Gauteng, don’t forget to think about the time used here. This province picks South African Standard Time. Compared to the UTC/GMT +2, it is two hours ahead.

Gauteng Landscape

Gauteng Landscape

Gauteng Facts 7: cash

The currency that people use in Gauteng is ZAR or rand. You can use master card or Visa in some various stores.

Gauteng Facts 8: name

The name Gauteng was derived from Sesotho word. In English, this word means Place of God.

Gauteng pretoria

Gauteng pretoria

Gauteng Facts 9: diamond

This province holds the record of the largest diamond in the world.  The biggest diamond was found in Gauteng in 1905. It was the 3 106.75-carat Cullinan diamond.

Gauteng Facts 10: two Nobel Peace Prize winners

Gauteng was the home for two Nobel Peace Prize winners in the world.

Gauteng South Africa

Gauteng South Africa

In 1999, the cradle of Human kinds was set in this province by the world Heritage site of UNESCO. Are you inspired with facts about Gauteng?

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