10 Interesting Hernán Cortés Facts

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Hernán Cortés facts are the collection of this man’s trivia. Hernando Cortes is very famous person in his era. If you want to learn about him, you can use information below to recognize more about him. Just read more here actually.

Hernán Cortés Facts 1: about Hernan Cortes

Hernan Cortes was Spanish. He was born in Medellin within the year of 1485. He actually was born as the Spanish nobility. As Spanish, the blood of conquistador runs well within his body. Therefore, he gained such type of character.

Hernán Cortés Facts 2: the family

The name of his father is Martin Cortes. The name of his mother is Catalina Pizarro Altamirano. He had the military blood. It is because his father was the officer of army of Spain. He was sickly in his childhood. The hope of the parents for him is to become a lawyer.

Hernán Cortés and lamalinche court

Hernán Cortés and lamalinche court

Hernán Cortés Facts 3: the study

Hernan Cortes also attends University of Salamanca. He started to study when he had the age of 14 years old. Yet, he failed his law study within the year 1501. In fact, he leaved University of Salamanca.

Hernán Cortés Facts 4: the adventure starts

He started his adventure with Nicola de Ovando and Diego Velazquez to do voyages to the New World. Within the year 1511, he also moved to Cuba and he became the secretary of Diego. He had his ranch in Cuba as well.

Hernán Cortés and people

Hernán Cortés and people

Hernán Cortés Facts 5: Spanish conquistador

Hernan Cortes is very famous as the explorer and Spanish conquistador. He had led major expeditions especially the Aztec Empire and Montezuma.

Hernán Cortés Facts 6: gold and chocolate

He once tricked Aztecs to provide him with plenty of fold. It was within 1519. It was conducted within Mexico. Within the treasures, he also found chocolate.



Hernán Cortés Facts 7: Conflict with Talasan Indians

It was in Mexico when he was first arrived. Many Talascan Indians started to involve to war with Hernan Cortes and also the crew. Two crews died. Yet, there are about 800 Indians who died as well.

Hernán Cortés Facts 8:  the return to Spain

In his return to Spain, he brought back the beans and also some equipment. Yet, Charles V didn’t receive it well. The reason perhaps is because of the excessive bitterness. Yet, after adding the sugar, the drink became quite popular.

Hernán Cortés facts

Hernán Cortés facts

Hernán Cortés Facts 9: Peninsula of California

He had discovered peninsula of California within 1536. He has the most fame among any explorers actually.

Hernán Cortés Facts 10: the death

Hernan Cortes died in the year of 1547. It was around the Seville. The age was 62 years old.

Hernán Cortés pic

Hernán Cortés pic

Useful facts about Hernán Cortés given above I hope is sufficient. You can browse more to gain other facts of him.

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