10 Interesting Golda Meir Facts

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You will be informed about Golda Meir facts. This woman is considered as politician trailblazer. The woman gained the public attention after she became the first female prime minister in Israel. In the world, she was ranked as the third woman who had power in a country. Find out more on how she got the power in Israel by reading the whole facts below:

Golda Meir Facts 1: date of birth

Golda Meir was born in Ukraine in 1898. Since she was Jewish, she had to face a lot of disturbance of anti-Semitic violence. In her early childhood, Ukraine is still included as a part of Russian empire.

Golda Meir Facts 2: movie to US

The family of Golda Meir decided to move to United States in 1906. They finally lived in Milwaukee. To support the financial status, the family opened a grocery store.

Golda Meir Old

Golda Meir Old

Golda Meir Facts 3: education

Even though she had to do the work on the grocery stores that his family owned in Milwaukee, she was able to pursue the education.

Golda Meir Facts 4: a young leader

Meir loved to be a leader. When she attended school, her leadership was seen here.  Even though she could not speak English, she became the valedictorian in his school.

Golda Meir Stamp

Golda Meir Stamp

Golda Meir Facts 5: American Young Sisters Society

Meir founded the American Young Sisters Society.  She also made a fundraiser for textbook fees.

Golda Meir Facts 6: higher education

There is a debate between Gold and her parents.  Her parents wanted her to get married as soon as she left school. But Miri wanted to pursue higher education instead of thinking about marriage.

Golda Meir Time

Golda Meir Time

Golda Meir Facts 7: Denver

Rather than dealing with the matter about marriage that her parents had set up, she decided to go to her sister in Denver. In 1913, she decided to live in Milwaukee.

Golda Meir Facts 8: Zionism

Even though she did not live for a long time in Denver and moved back to Milwaukee, it gave her a big influence. In Denver, she learned much about Zionism.

Golda Meir Young

Golda Meir Young

Golda Meir Facts 9: Zionist movement

Meir was involved with Zionist movement in Milwaukee. She became the speaker of this Socialist Zionist groups.

Golda Meir Facts 10: Prime Minister

In 1969, she became the prime minister of Israel.  She was one of the 24 people who signed the Declaration of Independence in Israel.

Golda Meir

Golda Meir

In 1917, she married to the man picked by her parent. The couple moved to Palestine. Are you inspired with facts about Golda Meir?

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