10 Interesting Jeanne Wakatsuki Facts

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Jeanne Wakatsuki facts are useful for those who want to learn about this writer. There are many other facts that you can get by reading information below. Let’s find out who she is in the following post below:

Jeanne Wakatsuki Facts 1: who is she?

Jeanne Wakatsuki actually was born on September 26, 1934. She was a famous American writer. She had the writings which are mostly had the focus on the diversity of ethnic within the United States. She provided many inspirations as well.

Jeanne Wakatsuki Facts 2: novel

She had many different novels out there. The most famous novel of her was Farewell to Manzanar. In the aspect of detail, it was about her experiences as a Japanese American in the WWII internment camp.

Jeanne Wakatsuki facts

Jeanne Wakatsuki facts

Jeanne Wakatsuki Facts 3: fame

She got her fame through her novel. It really inspires many people around the world. Any of you should also recognize further about it indeed.

Jeanne Wakatsuki Facts 4: family

The fact is that she was the youngest of 4 boys and also 6 girls within Wakatsuki family. You can learn more about her works from the internet or any different sources out there.

Jeanne Wakatsuki image

Jeanne Wakatsuki image

Jeanne Wakatsuki Facts 5: education

She gained education in journalism and sociology. For the 1st 7 years, she experienced a normal childhood. She later lived within Southern California until the year 1942.

Jeanne Wakatsuki Facts 6: the camp

She and also her family had spent next 3 years in the camp. The purpose was to attempt to live a normal life although it is behind barbed wire. Yet, it became troublesome because they lived in very troublesome live having no freedom.

Jeanne Wakatsuki now

Jeanne Wakatsuki now

Jeanne Wakatsuki Facts 7: leaving the camp

After she left the camp in 1945, Jeanne decided to go to San Jose St. College where she studied both journalism and also sociology.

Jeanne Wakatsuki Facts 8: James D. Houston

Jeanne Wakatsuki met her husband in the college. The name of her husband was James D. Houston. They conducted marriage in 1957.

Jeanne Wakatsuki pic

Jeanne Wakatsuki pic

Jeanne Wakatsuki Facts 9: the novel

Her book Farewell to Manzanar was about the experiences at Manzanar where any Japanese Americans were imprisoned during WWII.

Jeanne Wakatsuki Facts 10: television movie

Her novel was adopted into television movie. It was in 1976. The star of the movie was Nobu McCarthy. It was the one who portrayed both Houston and also her mother.

Jeanne Wakatsuki

Jeanne Wakatsuki

I really hope that you can obtain great benefits the most from this article indeed. The way you learn from the article can be your basic effort to learn about many famous writers in the world. Are you fascinated with facts about Jeanne Wakatsuki?

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