10 Interesting Eva Peron Facts

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You will be inspired with one of the most influential women in the world by reading Eva Peron facts. People recognize her as the first female president in Argentina. Let’s find out her struggle in the following post below:

Eva Peron Facts 1: father’s name

Do you know the name of her father? He was Juan Duarte. Eva used her father’s name even though her father never officially married his mother. His mother was only his mistress. When his father died, she and his mother were not invited in the funeral.

Eva Peron Facts 2: Magaldi

Magaldi was the one that she convinced to take her with him. His profession was a singer. Both went to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Eva Peron Facts

Eva Peron Facts

Eva Peron Facts 3: Colonel Peron

When Eva met Peron, he got the military rank as a colonel.  He got a supporter with the name los descamisados. In English, it means the shirtless ones.

Eva Peron Facts 4: ‘The Rainbow Tour’

‘The Rainbow Tour’ was her memorable tour. She could visit one of the greatest continents in Europe during her tour.

Eva Peron Image

Eva Peron Image

Eva Peron Facts 5: election

Peron was elected as the president of Argentina in 1946. Eva was the second wife of Juan Peron. In 1946 till 1952, she served as the first Lady of Argentina since his husband was the president in the country.

Eva Peron Facts 6: activity in politics

Then Eva Peron was very active in politics. She was involved in many charitable events. She had Eva Peron Foundation and also ran the Ministries of Labor and Health at that time.

Eva Peron Pics

Eva Peron Pics

Eva Peron Facts 7: the female politician party

Eva was very care with the life for the women in Argentina. She established the first large scale of female political party in Argentina. It was called the Female Peronist Party.

Eva Peron Facts 8: Vice President of Argentina

Eva Peron was very ambitious to become the vice president of Argentina. In 1951, she wanted the position by announcing her candidacy from the Peronist nomination. She got a wonderful support from the shirtless ones, the working class, low income and peronist Politian base.

Eva Peron Sings

Eva Peron Sings

Eva Peron Facts 9: opposition

It seems that becoming a vice president was not an easy thing to gain. She had to face the opposition from the bourgeoisie and military in Argentina. Since her health was decreased, she had to lose the opportunity in her candidacy.

Eva Peron Facts 10: death

Eva Peron died in a very young of 33 years old. She passed away because of cancer in 1952.

Eva Peron

Eva Peron

Due to her big contribution to the nation, the Argentine congress give hear title of Spiritual Leader of the Nation. Do you have any objection on facts about Eva Peron?

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