10 Interesting Ariana Grande Facts

Monday, November 11th 2013. | People

If you love with Hollywood and want to know one of their rising star, see Ariana Grande Facts. Ariana Grande is well known with her natural beauty. She always defined herself as a hopeless romantic. It means that she was so obsessed with love. She wanted to be loved and love someone’s. Here are the fascinating facts about Ariana Grande:

Ariana Grande Facts 1: friends

Ariana Grander has some friends such as Alexa Luria, Elizabeth Gillies, Jennette McCurdy and Aaron Simon Gross.

Ariana Grande Facts 2: family

If you want to get closer with Ariana Grande, you need to know her family. His father is Edward Butera while his mother is Hoan Grande. She has a big brother. His named is Frank, but Ariana always called her Frankie. His big brother is a producer and a performer. Now he always goes with her as one of her dancers.

ariana grande cute

ariana grande cute

Ariana Grande Facts 3: Frankie James Grande

Frankie James Grande was born from the similar mother with Ariana. However, both have different father. It means that Frankie is her half sibling brother.

Ariana Grande Facts 4: fashion icons

According Ariana Grande, his favorite fashion icons are Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe.

ariana grande facts

ariana grande facts

Ariana Grande Facts 5: allergic

Ariana has an allergic. It is stated that she is allergic to shellfish and some kinds of medicines. However, she is not sure whether she is allergic to shellfish or not. She believes so because most women in the family are allergic to this animal.

Ariana Grande Facts 6: YouTube channel

Ariana has a YouTube channel. It is called as WeAreStoopKid. She manages the channel with his co stars such as Liz Gilles, Matt Bennett and Victorious.

ariana grande fashion

ariana grande fashion

Ariana Grande Facts 7: favorite singers

There are some favorite singers that Ariana loves much. Some of them are Celine Dion, Mariah Carey and Imogena Heap.

Ariana Grande Facts 8: Harry Potter

Do you want to know Ariana’s favorite book? It is Harry Potter Series. Let me remind you with the name of Dumbledore. By coincidence, it is similar with Ariana’s name. Dumbledore’s full name is Ariana Dumbledore.

ariana grande pic

ariana grande pic

Ariana Grande Facts 9: fan mail address

If you want to give Ariana a mail, you can send it to 265 S. Federal Hwy Suite 331 Deerfield Beach, FL 33441. It is her fan mail address.

Ariana Grande Facts 10: favorite colors

There are some favorite colors that Ariana loves. Some of them include marshmallow white, periwinkle blue, red, pale pink, coral pink and sea foam green.

ariana grande sings

ariana grande sings

Ariana is a very feminine girl. She really loves to wear dress. This girl is very talented because she can mimic other interesting singers and such as Shakira and Britney Spear. Are you interesting to get more facts about Ariana Grande?

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