10 Interesting Bethany Hamilton Facts

Wednesday, March 12th 2014. | People

Bethany Hamilton facts are the collection of information related to her. You need to know that more people have gained interest to learn about this person. What you need to do is to find out about how to notice about further information about her as the great surfer.

Bethany Hamilton Facts 1: source of inspiration

This person had become the source of inspiration to millions of people especially those who love to do surfing activity. Her spirit has touched many people. Bethany even had inspired many girls to involve in surfing activity.

Bethany Hamilton Facts 2: shark attack

It was on October 31 in the year 2003 when she had attacked by tiger shark. The size was 14 foot. It happened when she had conducted surfing in Kauai North Shore. She lost the left arm because of the attack.

Bethany Hamilton facts

Bethany Hamilton facts

Bethany Hamilton Facts 3: return to surf

After a month of the shark attack, she returned to do surfing. This became so much socking for people. The purpose is to become the professional surfer. She even excelled to her ability to surf. She won her first National Title in NSSA National Championships 2005.

Bethany Hamilton Facts 4: the dream

She never gave up her dream to become professional surfer. She joined many events and tours indeed. Later she won many championships as well.

Bethany Hamilton Image

Bethany Hamilton Image

Bethany Hamilton Facts 5: the fame

People usually recognized her in surviving the shark attack and her great will to return to the surfing activity. This made her gaining awards and others.

Bethany Hamilton Facts 6: Soul Surfer

She had shared her life story into autobiography. The title was Soul Surfer. After 7 years, there were many others works done based on her story.

Bethany Hamilton Pic

Bethany Hamilton Pic

Bethany Hamilton Facts 7: religious aspect

She actually was so much concerned about her religion. The parents have instilled faith in Jesus Christ for her. In the age of 5, she made the decision to gain personal relationship with Him. This faith had become the backbone of strength and hope.

Bethany Hamilton Facts 8:  charismatic

Some people consider her to be so much charismatic indeed. This has made her gaining so much interest from many men.

Bethany Hamilton Surfing

Bethany Hamilton Surfing

Bethany Hamilton Facts 9: marriage

She married in the age of 23. It was with Adam Dirks. He was the Christian youth minister.

Bethany Hamilton Facts 10: the film

In 2005, there was film based on her story. This had gained many interest from many people as well.

Bethany Hamilton

Bethany Hamilton

A movie based on Bethany’s book, Soul Surfer, started filming in the fall of 2005. The facts about Bethany Hamilton above only are the basic to add information about your surfing hobby. Well, there are still many facts that you can achieve actually. Just be more attentive about it.

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