10 Interesting Mongolia Facts

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Mongolia Facts explain one of the famous countries in the world. Many people always link Mongolia with Genghis Khan. If you want to know the statue of Genghis Khan, you can visit a steppe near Ulan Bator. The statue has the height of 131 feet. It gains the record as the tallest statue of a horse in the world. Find out more interesting facts about Mongolia below:

Mongolia Facts 1: the Bogd Khan National Park

The Bogd Khan National Park is considered as the oldest national park in the world. The park was created in 1778. It is located in the south of Ulan Bator.

Mongolia Facts 2: Mongol Rally

Mongol Rally is very famous in Mongolia. People will use their car to drive 10,000 miles away in Mongolia. The rally will be finished at a pub. They will enjoy a chilled beer there.

Mongolia Cattle

Mongolia Cattle

Mongolia Facts 3: Ulan Bator

Ulan Bator is the capital city of Mongolia. Do you know that it is the coldest capital in the world? When you want to say Ulan Bator, you need to say it Ulaan Baatar. The meaning of the word is Red Hero.

Mongolia Facts 4: elevation

Mongolia is located 5,800 feet above the sea elevation. This country is landlocked. But you can find a lot of salt lakes here.

Mongolia Facts

Mongolia Facts

Mongolia Facts 5: Gobi desert

The famous desert in Asia is Gobi Desert. The first discovery of dinosaur eggs was in Gobi desert. They were discovered by Roy Chapman Andrews. Check Gobi desert facts here.

Mongolia Facts 6: Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan is the famous leader in Mongolia.  The Mongolian script was invented under his commission. Actually this man could not write or even read. But during the Soviet period, the country adopted the Cyrillic script.

Mongolia From the Top

Mongolia From the Top

Mongolia Facts 7: all religions

Even though Genghis Khan was famous as a rude and brutal leader, he accepted all religions in the country.  But majority of people in Mongolia follow Buddhism after the leader passed away.

Mongolia Facts 8: the Bogd Khan

The Bogd Khan is believed to the reincarnation of a Buddhism saint. He was the leader in Mongolia in 1911 to 1924.

Mongolia Horses

Mongolia Horses

Mongolia Facts 9: Navaandorjiin Jadambaa

The first president of Mongolia was Navaandorjiin Jadambaa. He got the seat as a president in 1924. Unfortunately, he was the president for a day.

Mongolia Facts 10: Mongolian Government

Since 1990s, the multi-party parliamentary democracy has been used in Mongolia. There are seventy six deputies in the State Great Khural, the Mongolian parliament.

Mongolia Traveling

Mongolia Traveling

Kublai was the famous grandson of Genghis Khan. This man created history after he established Yuan Dynasty which united China for the first time. What do you think on facts about Mongolia?

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