10 Interesting the Australian Government Facts

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The Australian Government Facts present the interesting information about the government of commonwealth of Australia.  This government refers to the Federal Government, Australian Government or even Commonwealth Government. In 1901, the Commonwealth of Australia was established in Australia. There were six self governing colonies of Britain making an agreement in 1901 to establish 6 states. Check other interesting facts about the Australian government:

The Australian Government Facts 1: the structure

Let’s find the structure of Australian Government. There are two different concepts related to the Australian government. The first one is related to the separation of power where the government is divided in three branches of judicial, legislative and executive power. The other one is federalism.

The Australian Government Facts 2: the Australian federal system

The Australian federal system is very unique. It is due to the combination of United States system and Westminster system.

The Australian Government Building

The Australian Government Building

The Australian Government Facts 3: who makes the laws?

The Australian laws are established by the legislature. This arm has the right to change the laws by checking the activities of other arms, the judicial and executive powers.

The Australian Government Facts 4: the parliament of Australia

The parliament of Australia is composed of House of Representatives, senate and Queen of Australia. There are 150 members for the House of Representatives. The Senate is filled with 76 members. The Australian Parliament uses the bicameral system.

The Australian Government Facts

The Australian Government Facts

The Australian Government Facts 5: the senators

The election for the members of senate is used to pick 12 senators for each state in Australia. The country applies the single transferable vote and proportional representation.

The Australian Government Facts 6: the elections in Australian Capital Territory and Northern Territory

Besides the election for the state senators, the two senators will be elected from Australian Capital Territory and the other two are from the Northern Territory.

The Australian Government

The Australian Government

The Australian Government Facts 7: Prime Minister

The Prime Minister usually is the leader of political party or even coalition of parties who gets the most supports in the Australian Parliament.

The Australian Government Facts 8: the role of head of state in Australia

Actually the term head of state in Australia is not used due to the Australian Constitution in 1901. But it is still used in practice. Get facts about the Australian flag here.

The Australian Government and Cabinet

The Australian Government and Cabinet

The Australian Government Facts 9: the two important persons

The two important persons which serve the role of the head of state in Australia is the Queen of Australia and Governor-General of Australia.

The Australian Government Facts 10: who is the governor-general of Australia?

The Prime Minister of Australia can be give advice to the Queen of Australia when she wants to select the Governor-General of Australia. Get facts about Anzac Day here.



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