10 Interesting Modern Greece Facts

Sunday, August 3rd 2014. | Culture

Modern Greece Facts elaborate the information about the present life of the people in Greece.  Educate yourself about the lifestyle, food, capital city and education in Greece. This country is very famous with gods and goddess. Here are facts about modern Greece for you:

Modern Greece Facts 1: capital city

Athens is the capital city of Greece. It is a home to 655,780 people. It makes up 40 percent of the whole population. The total population in Greece is around 11,304,000 people in the area of 50,961 square miles.

Modern Greece Facts 2: finance

Now the people in Greece have to struggle a lot in the difficult finance and economy. The debt in the country was cut from 51 billion Euros into 32 billion Euros in November 2012.

Modern Greece Building

Modern Greece Building

Modern Greece Facts 3: food

If you are visiting Greek, you need to taste the diverse food. The desserts in Greece usually contain filo pastry, honey and nuts. The ingredients of the main course contain veggies, herbs, love oil, bread, grains, rabbit, cheese, pork, yogurt, eggplants and chicken.

Modern Greece Facts 4: Greek national force

All Greek men in the country are encouraged to serve in the national force in 1 year or 18 months.

Modern Greece Facts

Modern Greece Facts

Modern Greece Facts 5: life expectancy

Let’s compare the life expectancy of the ancient and Modern Greece. In the ancient Greece, the female was 36 years old and the male was 45 years old. The expectancy today is increased. The female is 81.88 years old, while the male is 75.66 years old.

Modern Greece Facts 6: Greek Orthodox

98 percent of the religious people in Greece embrace Greek Orthodox.

Modern Greece Pic

Modern Greece Pic

Modern Greece Facts 7: Turkey

There is a long history between Turkey and Greece. Both have disagreement over the land area of Cyprus. Learn Cyprus facts here.

Modern Greece Facts 8: the official name

Can you tell me the official name of Greece? People call it the Hellenic Republic. Greece is close to Africa and Asia because it is located in the southeast Europe.

Modern Greece Skyline

Modern Greece Skyline

Modern Greece Facts 9: unemployment

Due the financial crisis, there was 26.8 percent of the population in Greece unemployed.

Modern Greece Facts 10: the divorce rate

Many couples split today. But you will be amazed to know that one of the lowest divorce rates in Europe is in Greece.

Modern Egypt

Modern Egypt

The official language spoken in the country is Greek.   The currency now is Euro because it is one of the European Union members. Are you impressed with facts about modern Greece?

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