10 Interesting Harlem Renaissance Facts

Saturday, March 15th 2014. | Culture

It is the time for you to learn more about the flourishing time of African American dance, music, art and literature by reading Harlem Renaissance facts. This period occurred around 1910 to 1930. The main location is Harlem, New York City. Let’s find out the events in Harlem at that time by seeing the following facts:

Harlem Renaissance Facts 1: the cultural center

Harlem became the cultural center for the African American people. The black people who had good education shared their thought with the poor and middle class African American living in Harlem.

Harlem Renaissance Facts 2: civil war

The Harlem renaissance occurred because of the impact of the civil war. The African American people who come from the south areas come to the north after the steady phase.

Harlem Renaissance Book

Harlem Renaissance Book

Harlem Renaissance Facts 3: education

The best education that the black people could get was from the school located in Harlem. The school segregation is outlawed in New York City. Therefore, many black people decided to gain education here around 1920s.

Harlem Renaissance Facts 4: jazz age

The most famous music that the African American people produced in the Jazz music. This music can be seen in the Cotton Club. This music is highly appreciated until this present day.

Harlem Renaissance facts

Harlem Renaissance facts

Harlem Renaissance Facts 5: writer in literature

There were various African American writers during the Harlem Renaissance era. You can see Zora Neale Hurston, Langston Hughes, and Nella Larsen. Those writers are the key people for those who like to study about black literature.

Harlem Renaissance Facts 6: Activists

Politic is also important in Harlem Renaissance era. The black people who had laid the foundation for the politics include Booker T. Washington, Marcus Garvey and .E.B. Dubois.

Harlem Renaissance Singer

Harlem Renaissance Singer

Harlem Renaissance Facts 7: activism

There were many activists in Harlem, New York City. They spoke for the African American people who always oppressed and discriminated. Most of them talked about oppression and racism.

Harlem Renaissance Facts 8: intellectuals

The older intellectuals and writers included in the era were Charles S. Johnson, Claude McKay, James Weldon Johnson and Alain Locke.

Harlem Renaissance Stamp

Harlem Renaissance Stamp

Harlem Renaissance Facts 9: content of literature

The literature and arts such as publication, novels and short story focused on the realistic portray of the black people in America. They use literature as a sense of awareness of racism and discrimination.

Harlem Renaissance Facts 10: purpose of this Harlem Renaissance movement

You are wrong if the main focus of this movement is on the politics. It stresses much on the aesthetic value of black American people.

Harlem Renaissance

Harlem Renaissance

The literature that the black writers use is not for commercial purpose.  It was used as a self expression for the black people. Are you inspired with facts of Harlem Renaissance?

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