10 Interesting Cyprus Facts

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Cyprus facts allow you know more about one of small countries in the world. Even though Cyprus is not as popular as France and Italy for a tourist vacation, you can go to this country and enjoy a unique view. If you decide to travel around the world, Cyprus should be included on your list. Let’s find out the detail facts about the country below:

Cyprus Facts 1: location

Many people call this country Cyprus or Kipros. If you are curious about the location of Cyprus, you can look at the world map. This country is situated on the west of Lebanon and Syria, south of Turkey, and northwest of Israel.

Cyprus Facts 2: the highest peak

Troodos Mountain Range is the highest peak in Cyprus.  The top part is called Mount Olympus. The elevation of this mountain is around 6420 feet above the sea level.

Cyprus country

Cyprus country

Cyprus Facts 3: capital city

If you visit Cyprus, the first city that you have to explore is Nicosia. It is the capital city of Cyprus. The location of the city is very unique because it is divided by the green line between two nations. Both are the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus and Republic of Cyprus or South Cyprus.

Cyprus Facts 4: official language

The people living in Cyprus used Greek as their official language. More than 82 percent of people speak Greek. The rest of the people in the country use English.

cyprus europe

cyprus europe

Cyprus Facts 5: independence

On 1st October 1960, Cyprus got its independence from England. In 1961, this country was the commonwealth republic.

Cyprus Facts 6: Greek Orthodox

There is no need to wonder if most people living in country embrace Greek Orthodox as their religion.

Cyprus facts

Cyprus facts

Cyprus Facts 7: euro

The official currency in Cyprus is euro. This country is included in the member states of EU.

Cyprus Facts 8: tourism object

If you love to enjoy a calming vacation with your spouse or family, Cyprus is exotic to choose. You can enjoy a wonder array of coastal beaches and mountain ranges. Enjoy another tourism in Coventry facts.

Cyprus view

Cyprus view

Cyprus Facts 9: weather

The weather in the country is wonderful. You will never catch cold because it is mild. During the summer season, the temperature can rise up to 40 degree Celsius. When the winter comes, it has a little rainfall with great sunlight.

Cyprus Facts 10: resources

There are some natural resources that the country generates. Some of them include marble, clay earth pigment, asbestos, gypsum, pyrites, copper, salt, timber and many more.



The ancient Cyprus was ruled by kingdom. The last queen who ruled Cyprus was Queen Catherine Cornaro. She was resigned in 1489. Are you interested to read the whole facts about Cyprus?

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