10 Interesting Protist Facts

Wednesday, December 10th 2014. | Science

If you like to study about the unique living organism in the world, why don’t you look at Protist Facts? Protist is included in protista. It is a biological kingdom which is not fungi, plants, bacteria or even animals. It is very hard to define protista kingdom since all organisms which do not fit into fungus, bacteria, animal or plants kingdom are put here. Get more facts about Protist by reading the following post below:

Protist Facts 1: what is Protist?

You can call Protist as eukaryotic microorganism. It only has a simple cell structure. The organism which cannot be included in fungi, bacteria, animal and plant are put here. There is no need to wonder that each member in the group has a very little in common. Get facts about fungi here.

Protist Facts 2: types of protista

You can define the type of protista based on the way it moves. Those are cilia, flagella and pseudopodia.

Protist Facts

Protist Facts

Protist Facts 3: Pseudopodia

Pseudopodia have a unique method of moving the body. When the Protist wants to ooze or scoot, it will extend the parts of body cell.

Protist Facts 4: cilia

Another type of Protist is cilia. Just like its name suggested, the animals use cilia to move. Cilia are a microscopic hair.  The Protist will be able to move through the water since the cilia can flap together.

Protist Image

Protist Image

Protist Facts 5: flagella

Flagella are a term used to call a long tail that a Protist has. This simple organism will be able to move the body back and forth by using a tail called flagella.

Protist Facts 6: food

The food eaten by Protist is different ways. Some Protist is able to produce their food energy by having the photosynthetic process. Others eat the food and the digestion happens internally. Other eats the pre digest food.

Protist Kingdom

Protist Kingdom

Protist Facts 7: Amoebas

One example of pseudopodia is amoeba.   This Protist is very simple since it is a small single cell organism. It is not easy to define the shape of amoeba for it is shapeless. The reproduction of amoeba is very simple. It just has to split the body into two. This process is called mitosis.

Protist Facts 8: algae

Algae are one of the major examples of Protist. This organism can cook their food through photosynthetic. It can take the energy from the sun for it has chloroplast. It is just like a plant. They can produce energy and oxygen.  The algae can be classified based on their color. Some examples of algae are green, brown, and red algae.  Algae are not included in plant kingdom because they have special tissue and organs. Check out plant cell facts here.

Protist Pictures

Protist Pictures

Protist Facts 9: pathogens

You have to be careful with some Protist. They can cause disease to human being for most of them are pathogen.

Protist Facts 10: Plasmodium falciparum

Plasmodium falciparum is a type of Protist which causes malaria disease.



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