10 Interesting Mickey Mouse Facts

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If you are interested to know more about one of the iconic cartoon characters, you have to read Mickey Mouse Facts. Children like to watch Mickey Mouse on TV. This character celebrates the birthday on 18 November.   If you want to recognize the character of Mickey mouse in detail, check the post below:

Mickey Mouse Facts 1: Steamboat Willie

During the release of Steamboat Willie, Mickey Mouse became the most popular cartoon character on 18 November 1928. Disney raised the standard of a movie because this Mickey Mouse produced sound. At that time, most studios only produced silent movies.

Mickey Mouse Facts 2: Mortimer Mouse

Talking about the name of Mickey Mouse, its creator, Walt Disney initially wanted to call him Mortimer Mouse. But the name was too pompous for Walt’s wife, Lillian. She suggested him to choose another name which could present humble and funny character.

Mickey Mouse Cartoon

Mickey Mouse Cartoon

Mickey Mouse Facts 3: white gloves

If you look at the pictures of Mickey Mouse, you can find white gloves that he always wore. On 28 March 1929, a short video called Opry House was released where Mickey wore these white gloves. Then he wore them in most appearance of movies and videos.

Mickey Mouse Facts 4: Hollywood Walk of Fame

Having your name inducted on Hollywood Walk of Fame is big honor. Do you know that the first cartoon character which has been inducted on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was Mickey Mouse? He got the honor on 18 November 1978 to mark the 50th anniversary. You can find his star on 6925 Hollywood Boulevard.

Mickey Mouse Club

Mickey Mouse Club

Mickey Mouse Facts 5: stationery

You can find out a lot of stationery with Mickey Mouse imprint. In 1929, Walt Disney accepted the deal with a stationery company to have Mickey Mouse imprinted on their school writing products. Over the years, people recognize the Disney Consumer Products which give the company multi-billion dollar cash.

Mickey Mouse Facts 6: Mickey Mouse wrist watch

Mickey Mouse wrist watch is considered as one of the iconic products of Mickey Mouse. In 1933, Ingersoll-Waterbury Company produced the first wrist watch. People could have it by spending USD2.95. In 1957, it sold 25-millionth Mickey Mouse watch.

Mickey Mouse Facts

Mickey Mouse Facts

Mickey Mouse Facts 7: an honorary Academy Award

In 1932, Walt Disney got an honorary Academy Award because of his creation of Mickey Mouse.

Mickey Mouse Facts 8: The Band Concert

You can find the colored version of Mickey Mouse in The Band Concert on 23 February 1935.

Mickey Mouse Pictures

Mickey Mouse Pictures

Mickey Mouse Facts 9: Encyclopedia Britannica

In 1934, you could find Mickey Mouse in Encyclopedia Britannica.

Mickey Mouse Facts 10: Mickey’s Kangaroo

Mickey’s Kangaroo marked the end of the black and white version of Mickey Mouse. You can find it aired two months after the first colored version of Mickey Mouse. Find out other famous characters of Disney in Disney Princess facts.

Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse

One of the famous and iconic roles of Mickey Mouse was in 1940 Fantasia. This film debut made Mickey Mouse as A Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Do you want to give more ideas on facts about Mickey Mouse?

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