10 Interesting Country Music Facts

Wednesday, December 18th 2013. | Entertainment

Country Music facts are very interesting for people. Well, country music is one of most popular music genres among people out there. Even modern people really love this type of music. Country music is simple and also beneficial indeed. Read the facts below.

Country Music Facts 1: hillbilly music

You can find out about the fact that country music was firstly called as hillbilly music. It becomes country music by the introduction of Ernest Tubb within 1940s. This re-branding indeed is very popular among country music fans. Are you one of them?

Country Music Facts 2: music city

In Atlanta, you may find out about the fact that it has become the home of commercial country music. You can get information about any local talents of country music within Atlanta actually. It is the most famous music country state within United States.

Country Music and Guitar

Country Music and Guitar

Country Music Facts 3: Jimmie Rodgers

People recognize that Jimmie Rodgers is the father of country music. Yet, he doesn’t admit this fact that he has such title but other people consider it differently.

Country Music Facts 4: Henry Ford and country music

Henry Ford is the auto maker of Ford manufacturer. He spent much money in order to promote country music in the year 1920s. He spent more than any others who love music countries as well. The fact, he was frightened when he saw local people conduct jazz dancing.

Country Music and Singer

Country Music and Singer

Country Music Facts 5: Western and country music

Is it true that western has the relation to country music? Country music is related to cowboy lifestyle actually. There are many artists including Patsy Montana, Hank Snow, Webb Pierce, and Rex Griffin, and many others.

Country Music Facts 6: rowdy and bawdy

Within 1920s, much country music has the rowdy and bawdy aspect compared in the year 1930s. Fiddlin John Carson had the first country music record. He had the fame up to now actually.

Country Music facts

Country Music facts

Country Music Facts 7: Crazy Water Crystals

Crazy Water Crystals is the patent medicine for people. It comes from Mineral Wells in Texas. It had sponsored many country music artists on the radio actually. It was within mid-1930s. The most popular advertiser is Burris Mills.

Country Music Facts 8:  country music and cosmopolitan life

Some people believe that country music has gone as the society enters the cosmopolitan life. It is totally wrong because many modern people still love such music.

Country Music

Country Music

Country Music Facts 9: Hank Williams

Hank Williams is the legendary of country music. He was womanizer and alcoholic once. Have you heard this?

Country Music Facts 10: authenticity

Country musicians have different authenticity. Some poor quality country music often copies their favorite country musician in the aspect of performance and appearance.



Are facts above useful for you? If you don’t think so, you can gain more by your effort. The facts about country  music are basic for you.

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