10 Interesting Nickelback Facts

Thursday, August 28th 2014. | Entertainment

If you are a fan of a rock star, you need to read the whole Nickelback Facts. Nickelback was a famous rock band which had sold more than 26 million albums in the world.  The band is still considered as one of the most popular Canadian band ever. Check the detail facts about Nickelback below:

Nickelback Facts 1: Chad Kroeger

The lead guitarist of Nickelback was Chad Kroeger. He was a better guitarist with a lot of experience working with other artists. He felt that the music industry had a very competitive task.  He learned jamming along with Testament, Megadeth and Metallica.

Nickelback Facts 2: Vancouver

If you think that Nickelback was originally from Vancouver, you are wrong. The band was from Hanna Alberta. Chad decided to move the fan base in Vancouver because it was imposable for them to get off the band in Hanna. The rock and roll music did not go along with the agriculture in Hanna.

Nickelback Band

Nickelback Band

Nickelback Facts 3: Jail?

Once, Chad stated that he could be in jail if Nickelback had not work in the music industry. At least, you can listen to Chad’s feeling in his delinquent lyrics.

Nickelback Facts 4: learning

Ryan Peace considered Metallica as the master of music. He learned a lot from the band. Metallica’s Master of Puppets and Ride the Lightning inspired him. Learn more on Metallica facts here.

Nickelback Facts

Nickelback Facts

Nickelback Facts 5: death

In an interview with Playboy, Chad assumed that he will die in his 40th birthday. Furthermore, he stated that he will have a heart attack on stage. The spectators on the show will think that the heart attack was just a part of the show.

Nickelback Facts 6: name

Nickelback used as the name of this famous band. There was a rubbish story behind the name. Mike Kroeger got the name as he always said “here’s you nickel back” when he toiled in Starbucks.

Nickelback History

Nickelback History

Nickelback Facts 7: Chris Martin

Chris Martin was a famous vocalist of Coldplay. Do you know that Martin thinks Nickelback is a great band?

Nickelback Facts 8: Chad Kroeger and his hair

It seems that Chad really cares his hair a lot.  He thinks that he has a terrible hair.  When he was 26, he looked like 37 years old with terrible hair.

Nickelback Music

Nickelback Music

Nickelback Facts 9: guitar

The first guitar of Chad was the copy of black flying V. When he becomes a famous artist, he gets a single cut hollowbody guitar. It is very expensive.

Nickelback Facts 10: Ryan Vikedal

Can you tell me the name of the drummer in Nickelback? He is Ryan Vikedal.



Saturday Night’s Alright (For Fighting) was not written by Chad Kroeger. The writers of the song were Elton John and Bernie Taupin. Are you satisfied reading facts about Nickelback?

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